4 Dec 2011

# 355 The Raves - Damned money

Side a: Damned money
Side b: Reggae
BEL 1981
Lone (?) single by this Roeselare(Flanders)/BEL based band. Very cool stomping punk on the a side and and a lame reggae/rock number. The titel song is a killer !


# 354 Tearjerkers - Fool

Side a: Fool
Side b: Comic book heroes
IRL 1982
Final single by the last incarnation of the Tearjerkers. Only two original members (Nigel Hamilton , now on guitar + Brian Rawson) played here together with a female singer (Janine Mullawey). Both songs are originally penned by Tearjerkers and re-recorded for this single. Read more here and meet the band here.


13 Nov 2011

# 353 Run 229 - Soho

Side a: Soho
Side b: 1. Dance , 2. In this day and age
UK 1980
Fine Mod-Revival band with their lone (and sleeveless) release. Read everything here !


# 352 La Femme - Chelsea kids

Side a: Chelsea kids
Side b: I wanna be your man
AUS 1979
Great first (of 5) release by this Melbourne based band. A very strong self penned number on the a side and a Beatles cover on the flip side. Read more here.


# 351 The New Romans - Jenny

Side a: Jenny
Side b: Loving touch
USA 1980
Very fine US powerpop on this record. The band was from San Francisco and is well known from the "Rising Stars of San Francisco" (1981) compilation. These tracks here are much better than songs on the compilation. Cool !!


9 Oct 2011

# 350 V/A Opposite sides

Side a: 1.NO SUPPORT -Because , 2.No SUPPORT - Subway
Side b: 1.THE LIMPS - Hi fashion , 2.THE LIMPS - Circa 2
UK 1979
This is the first of two split singles the bands released together on the fine "Matchbox Classics" label. All songs are great D.I.Y. punk. This was the first release of the Matchbox label. Both bands had also one track on the very fine single compilation " 8 from the 80's - A Carlisle Compilation" who was released from the same label. Great !!!


# 349 Twist and Shout ! - Bounce back

Side a: Bounce back
Side b: As it happens
UK 1979
Cool D.I.Y. powerpop from Worthing/UK. This was their first of two seven inches. The b side ist great.


# 348 Flix - Hitch

Side a: Hitch
Side b: Beautiful lady
UK 1980
We have here a ok powerpoppy New Wave track on the a side and lame reggae number on the flip side. This was released on the Hurricane label who bring us also The Magnets. I haven't found infos about Flix.


18 Sept 2011

# 347 Orbits - Q: What ... Ans: Nothing ...

Side a: 1.Rear view mirror , 2.Brand new beat , 3.Slow motion , 4.Rockette
Side b: 1. 7 Digits , 2.Sensors , 3.Atomic love , 4.It's a surprise
USA 1981
Very fine powerpoppy new wave from this Boston/MA based 5 piece band. This is their lone 12" release. Maybe they had a single out with "Rear view mirror" on it. I like "Atomic love" very much but the other songs are good too. Really a cool record !


# 346 X-Spand-X - Sight

Side a: 1.Sight , 2.Professional girls
Side b: 1.X-Ray spies , 2.Paper lover
USA 1982
Cool new wave-ish (power)poprock with a good female singer. The band were from Austin/TX. I think this is the one and only record they had released. This is really not a bad record.


# 345 This Kids - Let's have fun !

Side a: 1.Knock it off , 2.I need you , 3. Don't bother me
Side b: 1. In such a hurry , 2.Bop till we drop , 3.Not my girl
USA 1983
"This Kids" were from Oceanside/California and i don't know if this was their lone release. We have here 5 okay powerpop tracks and a boring rock'n'roll number. I haven't found infos about this group.


14 Aug 2011

# 344 Gangster - Bite the bullet

Side a: Bite the bullet
Side b: Circus of fools
USA 1980
Fantastic unknown powerpop by this San Francisco (?) based band. Side a is a killer ! I love this record!


# 343 Studebakers - Muscle girls

Side a: Muscle girls
Side b: Orders
USA 1981 (?)
Very Cool female fronted powerpop band from somewhere in the US. I haven't found informations.


# 342 Eddy Upp - Until you

Side a: Until you
Side b: One size fits all
USA 1981
New York based songwriter Edward Leonetti with his lone solo release on the collectible "Johnny Apollo" label. A nice record.


# 341 The Original Symptomes - Double shot

Side a: Double shot (of my baby's love)
Side b: 1.People sure act funny , 2.Hey
USA 1980
Cool swingin' Pubrock/60's whatever. A very nice platter. Love the track on side a !!


30 Jul 2011

# 340 The Panamas - No use

Side a: No use Side b: Yeah-Yoh BEL 1980/81 ? Killer ! Killer ! Killer ! A fantastic punk tune on the a side while the b side is more a "2 Tone-ish" ska track but also great ! Haven't found informations about this combo. I love this record ! Download

# 339 Generators - Summertime

Side a: Summertime
Side b: Temporarily out of control
USA 1981
A band from Cleveland Heights/Ohio with their lone release. They had also one track on a Cleveland compilation called "Pride of Cleveland". The b side is a killer tune ! The a side is more pop but not bad.


# 338 Enemies - Capitol idea

Side a: Capitol idea
Side b: Political sod
USA 1981
Second output by this Buffalo based band. Two cool short songs with a political background. A fine record !


# 337 Popular Spies - Chinatown

Side a: Chinatown
Side b: Running with the automatics
CAN 1980
Very nice powerpop by this canadian (Toronto?) band. I haven't found informations about this group.


13 Jun 2011

# 336 Zorro - Arrods don't sell'em

Side a: 1. Arrods don't sell'em , 2. Soldier boy
Side b: Starfight
UK 1979
Superb glam/punk/NWOBHM by this Norwich/UK based band with their sole release. The best "Bridge House Records" platter ever released i think. Love it !


# 335 Tony Koklin - Cinderella

Side a: Cinderella
Side b: Living with the times
IRL 1979
Cool powerpop/new wave from this Ballyfermot (Dublin) guy with his first release. Sadly Tony Coughlan (Koklin) is no longer with us. Read more here and here.


# 334 Slugs - Problem child

Single 1 / Side a: Problem child , Side b: Suspicion
Singe 2 / Side a: I'm in love with you (again) , Side b: Never should have told you
USA 1979/1980
After releasing both (coverless) singles as a lone release, "Whiplash records" decided to release the records again as a double single with cover. In my opinion the second single is the better one. Cool punkrock.


15 May 2011

# 333 Dirty Work - Studio dirt !

Side a: 1.American girls , 2.Keep it up
Side b: 1.It never stops , 2.Demolition boogie
USA 1980
Superb second (and last) single by this Greenbelt/Maryland based group! I love it !
I haven't found more infos.


# 332 Shane Champagne Band - Stepped on

Side a: Stepped on
Side b: Love my baby like a car
USA 1979
First 7" single (after a 10" single) by this Boston (MA) based band. A very cool powerpop song on the a side while the flipside is more rock. Meet Gary Shane here.


# 331 Lucy - Really got me goin'

Side a: Really got me goin'
Side b: Oy
UK 1977
First (of two) single by this "Lightning records" band. The guitar player Phil Collen was later/or is still in the "Popmetal" band Def Leppard. Read more here.


Requested by Frank Miller

# 330 Zipper - Iranian Rhapsody

Side a: Iranian Rhapsody
Side b: Victim of circumstance
USA 1979
Band from California with their lone release. Quirky postpunk/punk on this platter.


16 Apr 2011

# 329 Marie Marie - Do you do you brush your teeth ?

Side a: Do you do you brush your teeth ?
Side b: Grasshopper
BEL/FRA 1980
A cool "Plastic Bertrand" sound alike track on the a side by this belgian girl. The b side is more new wave but not bad. I think this was only a studio project and only released in France on the major label "Vogue". I like it this record !!


# 328 Lucy - Never,never

Side a: Never,never
Side b: Feel so good
UK 1978
Second single by this Sheffield (?) based band. Again on the famous Lightning records label. Superb rockin' punk on both sides.


# 327 The Heartbeat - Cigarettes and booze

Side a: Cigarettes and booze
Side b: Why don't you dance with me
NL 1979
Cool dutch pubrock/powerpop. Maybe their sole release ? I haven't found infos about this 5 piece group.


# 326 Bonus Boys - I want to work in a bank

Side a: I want to work in a bank
Side b: Confusing ourselves
CAN 1980
Lone (?) release by this Ontario/CAN based band. Cool powerpop and punk on this 2 tracker.
The singer Kim Clarke sadly passed away in December 2010.


# 325 Bucks Danny - Be my girl

Side a: Be my girl
Side b: Time to fight
NL/BEL 1980
Second single by the belgian band Bucks Danny (named after a french comic hero) and only released in the Nederlands. The singer was a member of the mighty "Hubble Bubble". The record i own isn't in a good shape and the b side has a lot of crackles and backnoises. But it's the better record than the first one "Stick to you". And i love the a side !


2 Apr 2011

# 324 Y Trwynau Coch - Rhedeg Rhag y Torpidos

Side a: 1.Lipstics, britfics a sane' silc du , 2.Rhedeg rhag y torpidos , 3.Motobeics o Japan , 4.Merch mewn miliwn , 5.Bywyd personol James Bond
Side b: 1.Pwy wyt ti'n mynd 'da nawr? , 2.Un curiadLlai , 3.Radio cymru (VHF) , 4.John (Cwrw ar ei gornfflecs) , 5.Beth sy'n dod rhyngom ni? , 6.N****rs cymraeg
Wales 1980
Superb lone LP by this Swansea based group. Please read more here.
Low Down Kids released a fantastic compilation of their singles a few years ago. Love this record !!


23 Mar 2011

# 324 The Press - Fodder for the criticts

Side a: 1.Someone new somewhere , 2.I think i'm gonna go rigth out of my head , 3.Night , 4Out of view
Side b: 1.Rock capital , 2.She wants it all , 3.Walking in the heat , 4.Trapped in the wreckage , 5.Alcoholic
AUS 1979
Lone LP bis this Sidney/AUS based group. A very fine record ! Read more here and here.


25 Feb 2011

# 323 The Autistics - Girls

Side a: Girls
Side b: Sister Julie
USA 1981
Killer punk/powerpop from this Los Angeles/CA based band. This was their lone self released record. I haven' found more informations about the band. You know more ?


# 322 The Gigolos - She's my baby

Side a: She's my baby
Side b: This generation
USA 198? (some said 1980,some said 1981, i heard 1983)
Superb punky rock'n'roll on this 2 tracker. The band was maybe from Burbank/CA. But i'm not sure about that.

Download (Sorry, No longer possible. )

# 321 High Rise - Run to the cities

Side a: Run to the cities
Side b: 1.Hillary , 2.Crazy as hell
USA 1979
Hollywood based band with their lone (?) release. 3 fine rocking powerpop tracks. I haven't found more infos about this group.


# 320 The Sidewalks - Natalie

Side a: Natalie
Side b: Whoever said that you was cool
USA 1981
Cool powerpop from Milwaukee/USA.This was their first release. Rave Up records from Rome/ITA released a great retrospective on LP.