18 Apr 2010

# 276 Quality Drivel - Subliminal cuts E.P.

Side a: 1.Stagnant minds , 2.Sale of the century
Side b: 1.Rituals , 2.Subliminal cuts
UK 1981
Killer release by this Oxfordshire/UK based band ! Every track's a winner. Read more here.

Download (No longer possible,please see the comment)

# 275 The Motive - Kimberly you're boring

Side a: Kimberly you're boring
Side b: Bus to bus
USA 1979
Very good powerpop on this 7" single. I haven't found infos about this group. They were maybe from California. The record was recorded in Hollywood/L.A.


# 274 The Secret - Another Heartline

Side a: Another Heartline
Side b: Weather station
UK 1979
5th single by this London/UK band. "Another Heartline" is a good Synthesizer driven new wave number. The b side track is a cracking, punky fast forward new wave track not unlike the "XTC". A real winner !


4 Apr 2010

# 273 Rotjoch - Bad boy

Side a: 1.Too many weirdos , 2.Another lonely night , 3.No expectations , 4.Shame on me , 5.Ghostride , 6.Danger in the city
Side b: 1.Bad boy , 2.Where is justice , 3.Accident , 4.San Salvador , 5.Losers and thieves , 6.Hungry loving , 7.So unreal , 8.Tomorrow
NL 1981
Superb lone LP by this Hilversum/NL based band. A masterpiece of dutch powerpop ! Meet the band here.


# 272 F.V.'s - Mr. Tambourine man

Side a: Mr. Tambourine man
Side b: Credit
UK 1981
Cool punky new wave version of this old Bob Dylan classic. The b side is a good, fast selfpenned new wave number. I haven't found informations about this group.


# 271 3-D - Telephone number

Side a: Telephone number
Side b: Here today , gone tomorrow
UK 1980
Heavy "Elvis Costello" influenced powerpop here on this platter. Both tracks are taken from their first (of two) selftitled album. I don't know much more.