15 May 2011

# 333 Dirty Work - Studio dirt !

Side a: 1.American girls , 2.Keep it up
Side b: 1.It never stops , 2.Demolition boogie
USA 1980
Superb second (and last) single by this Greenbelt/Maryland based group! I love it !
I haven't found more infos.


# 332 Shane Champagne Band - Stepped on

Side a: Stepped on
Side b: Love my baby like a car
USA 1979
First 7" single (after a 10" single) by this Boston (MA) based band. A very cool powerpop song on the a side while the flipside is more rock. Meet Gary Shane here.


# 331 Lucy - Really got me goin'

Side a: Really got me goin'
Side b: Oy
UK 1977
First (of two) single by this "Lightning records" band. The guitar player Phil Collen was later/or is still in the "Popmetal" band Def Leppard. Read more here.


Requested by Frank Miller

# 330 Zipper - Iranian Rhapsody

Side a: Iranian Rhapsody
Side b: Victim of circumstance
USA 1979
Band from California with their lone release. Quirky postpunk/punk on this platter.