23 Dec 2012

# 386 The Worms - London bus

Side a: London bus ( I can't take my eyes off you)
Side b: Okay at christmas
UK 1978
Short lived London based pubrock band with their lone release. This was released on the Ice record label who was owned by Eddy Grant.I haven't more informations.


# 385 The Red Ball Jets - Rockin'

Side a: 1.Rockin' behind the iron curtain , 2. All i remember
Side b: 1. Can't figure it out , 2. Stars are right
USA 1981
Lone release by this 1975 formed band from Milwaukee/WI. Four nice Indy/Rock'n'roll/powerpop tracks with female/male voices. I can't find info's about the band.


# 384 We're only human - Hold your head up high

Side a: Hold your head up high
Side b: I wouldn't treat a dog like you treat me
UK 1982 (?)
After the Incredible Kidda Band split, Alan Hammonds played with "We're only human" in the early 80's. The number on the b-side is originally a Kidda Band song. This is their lone release. Read more here.


3 Nov 2012

# 383 The P-15's - You're not that girl

Side a: You're not that girl
Side b: Elevator boy
USA 1979/1980 (?)
Once again, i can't find infos about this cool record. 2 fine self-penned powerpop numbers here on this platter. It was released on Spitzfield records in 19??.   


# 382 Saptem Band - Drink another beer

Side a: Dring another beer
Side b: Live my live
BEL 1979
Cool lone release by this Antwerp/BEL based powerpop/(glam)punk band. This is a fine one ! No more informations found.


7 Oct 2012

# 381 Wilma & the Wilbers - Tiger beat

Side a: 1.Tiger beat , 2.My guy
Side b: 1.I like it thick , 2.I speak russian
USA 1981
Great second and final single by this Minneapolis/Minnesota based band. Read here and you will find their first out put here.


# 380 The Phones - Mink coat

Side a: Mink coat
Side b: sweet talker
USA 1980
Fine powerpop here on this record, especially the b side ! One of these thousands of bands with the same name. I can't found out more, but i think it was their lone release.


# 379 Exposure - All systems go

Side a: All systems go
Side b: Exposure
BEL 1983
Very good punky new wave by this female fronted 5 piece group. I haven't found informations about this band.


2 Sept 2012

# 378 Roger C. Reale - Clout

Side a: Holding on tight
Side b: 1.Where thy go , 2.She'll remember me
USA 1981
Killer 3 tracker by Roger C. Reale. Fine follow up of the great "Radioactive" LP by
"Roger C. Reale and Rue Morgue". Read everything here.


# 377 Acetylene - Policemen

Side a: Policemen
Side b: Life addict
BEL 1980
Seraing based reggae and punk hybrid. This was their lone release. I can't found more infos except of this, but don't buy it for this ridiculous price .


# 376 Service - Time release

Side a: Time release
Side b: Don't be sad
USA 1980
Fine powerpop from Royal Oak/Michigan. Time released was comped on "Shake some action Vol.4". i haven't more informations.


27 Jul 2012

# 375 Gentz - Pushover

Side a: Pushover
Side b: 98.6
USA 1980
Fantastic NY city powerpop by this Male/Female quartet. The band still exist !! Read everything here. .


# 374 T-Boys - One way street

Side a: One way street
Side b: Factory girl
UK 1981
Great second single by this english boys. We have here some good powerpop with some hints of 2 Tone ska on the flip side. This band is a complete mystery for me. See here for the first T-Boys single.  


25 Jul 2012

# 373 The Extruders - She pushed plastic

Side a: She pushed plastic
Side b: Street avenger
USA 1981
Great quirky and punky New wave platter by this  Los Angeles based band. Killer ! I haven't found more informations.


18 Jun 2012

# 372 Denny Regrade - Just survivin'

Side a: Just survivin'
Side b: Kick of your shoes
USA 1981
Stompin' Pub rock here on this record. This combo was from Seattle and this was maybe their sole release. I haven't found Infos about this group.


17 Jun 2012

# 371 Klutch Kargo - I'm a fool

Side a: 1.I'm a fool , 2.Media mania
Side b: 1.Pretty little lady , 2.D-Town
USA 1981
Very nice powerpop/ska platter by this California based band. Cool mix of  3 punky powerpop and one ska track.Recorded in Fullerton/CA and released on Bobbette records from Hacienda Hts. I haven't found more infomations .


13 May 2012

# 370 Warren Harry - Sail on

Side a: Sail on
Side b: I'm a radio
UK 1977
First single by this Aylesbury guy with his band. This is the german "bronze records" issue. The UK release was without a cover. The a side is a bit boring for my ears but "I'm a radio" has a great hook line and is worth listening.He was also known as Warren Bacall.Warren sadly passed away in 2008.Please read more here.


30 Apr 2012

# 369 Remod - Life of the party

Side a: Life of the party
Side b: Gaygirls dance
USA 1980
Fantastic powerpop single of this New York City lads. This was their lone release. A very fine one !


# 368 Hot Willy's Music Band - Get down get high

Side a: Get down get high
Side b: Who's that girl
NEL 1978
Great storming Pubrock from this Groningen based band. This was their lone record. Read more here ( if you speak dutch...).


# 367 The Kind - total insanity

Side a: Total insanity
Side b: When you rock
USA 1981
A band from Chicago with their lone (?) release. Good (Power)Poprock on this platter. This is a fine one.


1 Apr 2012

# 366 Raven Payne - (Is it) Electric ?

Side a: (Is it) Electric ?
Side b: It's you (I'm thinking of)
USA 1981
Fantastic single by this Tempe / Arizona band. Maybe this is their lone release. I haven't found more informations. Only a few videos on YouTube.


# 365 X-teens - Nothing left to say

Side a: Nothing left to say
Side b: Anyone can
USA 1982
Second release (after the 5 track debut 12" in 1980) by this Durham/North Carolina based band. Great XTC-ish new wave on this platter. I love it ! Read more here and meet the band here.


# 364 The Scoop - Panic

Side a: Panic
Side b: Never dress right
UK 1981
Lone release by this group on Towerbell Records. The track "Panic" was also released on a compilation called "Charthits 81 Vol.2" a long with artist like Michael Jackson, Madness, OMD, Shakin' Stevens and more ..... !?! I haven't found more infos. This is not the same band that released the "You can do it" EP in 1979.


4 Mar 2012

# 363 Wilma & the Wilbers - Chronic alkie

Side a: Chronik alkie
Side b: 1.Poor little Joey , 2.The hole
USA 1980
Very cool female fronted punk rock on this little gem. The band was from Minneapolis/Minnesota . This is the first of two 7" singles they made in their heydays. I like it ! Read more here.


# 362 The Various Things - s/t

Side a: (I love you 'cause) You're something to do
Side b: Wrong or right
USA 1980
Fine jingle jangly powerpop with femal vox by this New York based band. I haven't found informations about this group.


4 Feb 2012

# 361 Pretty Poison - Gimme gimme your autograph

Side a: Gimme gimme your autograph
Side b: Kill you
USA 1981
Killer quirky New Wave from this Philadelphia/Pennsylvania based group. This is the first single out of ten. Later they had some chart success with dance music. But read more here. Nevertheless this is a great record in my eyes ! Love it !


# 360 Instamoids - Airhead

Side a: Airhead
Side b: Kiss it goodbey
USA 1980
Superb quirky new wave band from La Cresenta/CA with their lone release. Great record !
Meet the band here.


# 359 Pop Mechanix - Now

Side a: Now
Side b: Radio Song
NZ 1980
First single by this New Zealand band. Cool new wave here on this platter. Sadly i haven't a picture cover to my record. Read more about the band here and here.


Here's a "stolen" cover scann:

7 Jan 2012

# 358 The News - Modern toys

Side a: Modern toys
Side b: Feed the meter
UK 1980
Superb second and last single. Quirky new wave/powerpop on both sides. Like the first single (50 % reduction) this was released on Polydor records without a picture cover (only in the red company sleeve).
Love this record !!


# 357 Chris Moffa and the Competition - s/t

Side a: You know how hot (It's been getting around here)
Side b: Lunatics,Losers and Liars
USA 1981
First release by this New Jersey band. Two great tracks with some "clashy" hint. A very fine record !


# 356 The Monitors - The Single

Side a: Telegram
Side b: Compulsory fun
UK 1979
Lone output by this Charlton/South London area based band on their own label. The single was later re-issued by RSO records with a different cover.