27 Jul 2012

# 375 Gentz - Pushover

Side a: Pushover
Side b: 98.6
USA 1980
Fantastic NY city powerpop by this Male/Female quartet. The band still exist !! Read everything here. .


# 374 T-Boys - One way street

Side a: One way street
Side b: Factory girl
UK 1981
Great second single by this english boys. We have here some good powerpop with some hints of 2 Tone ska on the flip side. This band is a complete mystery for me. See here for the first T-Boys single.  


25 Jul 2012

# 373 The Extruders - She pushed plastic

Side a: She pushed plastic
Side b: Street avenger
USA 1981
Great quirky and punky New wave platter by this  Los Angeles based band. Killer ! I haven't found more informations.