4 Dec 2016

# 488 April South - The Rockelly singles

RKR 10381 Side a: April & The Pennies - Love and inspiration
RKR 10381 Side b: Paddy Boy & The Pennies - You're so different from the rest
IRL 1981

RKR 10780 Side a: April & The Pennies - Light of love
RKR 10780 Side b: The Pennies - Paradise walk
IRL 1980

RKR 10781 Side a: April South & The Pennies - Heroes of the night
RKR 10781 Side b: April South & The Pennies - Come the dawn
IRL 1981

Great singles of April South (her real name is Marian Curry) under different names. All the singles were pressed at the Ellie Jay pressing plant. Every single is a winner !
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Enjoy it !