12 Mar 2023

# 567 V2 - Gee Whizz It's You

Side a: Gee Whizz It's You
Side b: Face In The Crowd
UK 1980
The track on the a-side is a cover of a Cliff Richard and the Shadows song while the b-side is a self-penned number. The story goes that the band was very unhappy with this record, bought the most of the records back and destroyed them all. Only a few records survived. Unconfirmed press quantity was 50. The recordings here are a bit unusual sounding, but not really bad. Sadly i haven't a proper cover. I hope you liked it like i do!


# 566 The Numbers - Working girl

Side a: Working girl
Side b: Count on me
USA 1982
A band from Orlando/FL (?) with their sole release. Two fine self-penned powerpop tracks. Enjoy it!