26 Apr 2015

# 449 The Sines - Wishing my life

Side a: Wishing my life
Side b: She knows
UK 1982
Great and lone release by this Teesside group. The two mod/powerpop tracks remind me of "The Chords". The band came out of the ashes from "The Slaves" , a short lived punk band with Gloria of "Blitzkrieg Bop". The Sines also had a track called Jonathan on a "Melody Maker" freebie. They shared the record with "The The". I think, if they released this single 2 or 3 years earlier, they could be as great as "The Chords" or like the other mod revival bands. With maybe an appearance at the "Top of the Pops" tv show. I'm added "Jonathan" as a bonus track to this post.
Enjoy it!


# 448 Da-Works - Socialogical alleycats

Side a: 1.Socialogical alleycats , 2.Sid did
Side b: 1.Modern history , 2.Triangular resistance
USA 1980
A very nice DIY-ish 4 track E.P. by this New Jersey based band. This is their lone (?) release. One member was possibly later in the trash band "Dirge".