16 Apr 2011

# 329 Marie Marie - Do you do you brush your teeth ?

Side a: Do you do you brush your teeth ?
Side b: Grasshopper
BEL/FRA 1980
A cool "Plastic Bertrand" sound alike track on the a side by this belgian girl. The b side is more new wave but not bad. I think this was only a studio project and only released in France on the major label "Vogue". I like it this record !!


# 328 Lucy - Never,never

Side a: Never,never
Side b: Feel so good
UK 1978
Second single by this Sheffield (?) based band. Again on the famous Lightning records label. Superb rockin' punk on both sides.


# 327 The Heartbeat - Cigarettes and booze

Side a: Cigarettes and booze
Side b: Why don't you dance with me
NL 1979
Cool dutch pubrock/powerpop. Maybe their sole release ? I haven't found infos about this 5 piece group.


# 326 Bonus Boys - I want to work in a bank

Side a: I want to work in a bank
Side b: Confusing ourselves
CAN 1980
Lone (?) release by this Ontario/CAN based band. Cool powerpop and punk on this 2 tracker.
The singer Kim Clarke sadly passed away in December 2010.


# 325 Bucks Danny - Be my girl

Side a: Be my girl
Side b: Time to fight
NL/BEL 1980
Second single by the belgian band Bucks Danny (named after a french comic hero) and only released in the Nederlands. The singer was a member of the mighty "Hubble Bubble". The record i own isn't in a good shape and the b side has a lot of crackles and backnoises. But it's the better record than the first one "Stick to you". And i love the a side !


2 Apr 2011

# 324 Y Trwynau Coch - Rhedeg Rhag y Torpidos

Side a: 1.Lipstics, britfics a sane' silc du , 2.Rhedeg rhag y torpidos , 3.Motobeics o Japan , 4.Merch mewn miliwn , 5.Bywyd personol James Bond
Side b: 1.Pwy wyt ti'n mynd 'da nawr? , 2.Un curiadLlai , 3.Radio cymru (VHF) , 4.John (Cwrw ar ei gornfflecs) , 5.Beth sy'n dod rhyngom ni? , 6.N****rs cymraeg
Wales 1980
Superb lone LP by this Swansea based group. Please read more here.
Low Down Kids released a fantastic compilation of their singles a few years ago. Love this record !!