29 Aug 2010

# 308 The Signals - Person to person

Side a: 1.Person to person , 2.Surf suicide , 3.Heartbreak
Side b: 1.Clam up , 2.Mary cut her hair , 3.Cold as the rain
USA 1984
Great "Go Go's" alike powerpop! They band was from L.A./California (maybe?). This was a 12" release but the title song was also released as a 7" on a sub-label of Bomp records. I haven't found more informations.


# 307 Phil'n'the Blanks - Multible choice

Side a: 1.(I'm her) Sex toy , 2.Family,Work,Neighborhood,Peace&Freedom , 3.The Ladder , 4.Advertising girl , 5.Void fill , 6.Sex life , 7.Black is not a color (It's a situation)
Side b: 1.Ou est? , 2.Without consummation , 3.Keeping me honest , 4.Inspected by #7 , 5.Push & pull , 6.Vi-sectomy , 7.How it's done
USA 1980
Lone LP bis this Chicago/USA based band. Superb new wave here on this platter. I like it ! Meet the band here.


# 306 Quincy - s/t

Side a: 1.Turn the other way around , 2.Critics' choice , 3.Don't knock on my door , 4.Always in the news , 5.Dime store lies , 6.Can't live in a dream
Side b: 1.Just a tragedy , 2.Stop now , 3.Grow up , 4.Roamin' catholic , 5.Stuck on you , 6.Ordinary
USA 1980
A superb and complete underrated record ! The band was from Haddon Heights/NJ and this is their lone album. After this record they have to change their name because Quincy Jones was not amused with the band name. Read more here.