29 Aug 2021

# 555 The Strays - Modern romance

Side a: Modern romance
Side b: Short-term lover
USA 1983
Catchy Powerpop by this 5 piece band Mt.Pleasant/Mi band.  Great record!

# 554 Moderns - Answering machine

Side a: Answering machine
Side b: Atomic U.S.A.
USA 1981
Nice New Wave/Post Punk/Surf by this Ventura/CA based band.
The track on side b is a cover of a Beach Boys song with alternative lyrics. I haven't the original cover but included the scans of the xerox cover and insert. I like it!

6 Jun 2021

# 553 Chwarter I Un - Dop ar y dol

Side a: 1.Dop ar y dol , 2.Na na na
Side b: 1.K.o. yn y fro , 2.Gwefr y don
Wales 1981 
A fine E.P. by this 6 piece band. All 4 Powerpop/Indierock songs are sung in welsh. Another great record out of Wales. I like it !

# 552 Rocyn - Sosej, bins a chips

Side a: Sosej, bins a chips
Side b: Plant '67
Wales 1982
Great welsh sung Powerpop/Indie Rock by this 6 piece band. Released on the great Flach record label. Enjoy it like i do !

25 Apr 2021

# 551 Fresh Color - Lady Shiva

Side a: Lady Shiva
Side b: Glitter girl
SWI 1979
Killer record by one of the earliest punk bands in Switzerland. Very well known by their first record "No chance" and as the backing band on Dieter Meiers "Cry for fame" 7 inch. Both songs are sung in swiss german. I love this record!

# 550 Straightface - Self titled

Side a: 6 o'clock
Side b: Public Joe
CAN 197?
Top notch powerpop by this 4 piece band. It seems, that this was their lone release. Enjoy the record like i do!

27 Feb 2021

# 549 The Flossie Band - Attitude

Side a: Attitude
Side b: Just like me
USA 198?
Great first single by this New Jersey Band. If you like Blondie, you can't go wrong with this record. They also released a 5 track Mini LP in 1983. 
Enjoy it like i do!

# 548 No Man's Land - Never be a superstar

Side a: Never be a superstar
Side b: Desexualization
BEL 1981
Nice New Wave Pop by this belgian band. This is their second single and it was released on a major label while the first one was a self release. 
Not a bad record.

29 Nov 2020

# 547 Steven Knight and the Squires - Touch

Side a: Touch
Side b: You're the only one

US 1982

Great rock'n'rolling powerpop on this two track single!  First of two self released singles in the same year. I think they had also a release in1980 under the name The Black Knights. I like it!


# 546 Brad & Marty Band - Dancing in the moonlight

Side a: Dancing in the moonlieght

Side b: Clouds are rolling in

US 19??

A fine rockin' powerpop track on the a side while the b side is more a 50/60is inspired popsong. I haven't informations about the release year of this self released 2 tracker. Enjoy it!