3 Apr 2022

# 561 Ready Steady - California girls

Side a: California girls
Side b: Quality of life
USA 198?
Cool powerpop of this Laguna Beach/CA based band. "California girls" is a cover of a Beach Boys song while the b side is a self penned number. Released on their own "Ready go records". I haven't found more informations. Year of release is unclear. A good one!

# 560 R:Tyme - Stallion

Side a: Stallion
Side b: Kiss me baby... i bombed Tokyo
USA 1981
Nice New Wave with a male (on side a) and a female (on side b) lead singer. It seems that was their lone output on their own label based in Cleveland. A fine one!

27 Feb 2022

# 558 Red Star Belgrade - Too far

Side a: Too far
Side b: Tranquilla
UK 1981
Fantastic catchy und punky new wave on this record. Sometimes it sounds like early Ultravox. First of two releases by this band. I love it!

# 559 Judi and the Shades - No Juvenile Leads E.P

Side a: B-O-Y
Side b: 1. Hots, 2. Echoes
UK 1980
Nice New Wave/Post Punk on this 3 track E.P. If you like The Cure, the song "Echoes" can be something for you. 
I haven't a cover for this record and also i haven't the poster. I included the front and back cover i lent from the net.
A cool record!

5 Dec 2021

# 557 Nuclear Boyz - No spies in London

Fat Side: 1. No spies in London , 2. She changed her mind
Skinney Side: 1. She loves herself , 2. Kieth and the Squiddz
USA 1981 (?)
Fine lone E.P. by this Californian band. 
Enjoy it like i do!

# 556 The Terminals - Lucille

Side a: Lucille (goes to the club foote)
Side b: Chinatown
USA 1982 
Cool male/female fronted band from the Los Angeles/CA area withe their single (?) output. Fine R'n'R/ New Wave songs on this platter. Enjoy it !

29 Aug 2021

# 555 The Strays - Modern romance

Side a: Modern romance
Side b: Short-term lover
USA 1983
Catchy Powerpop by this 5 piece band Mt.Pleasant/Mi band.  Great record!

# 554 Moderns - Answering machine

Side a: Answering machine
Side b: Atomic U.S.A.
USA 1981
Nice New Wave/Post Punk/Surf by this Ventura/CA based band.
The track on side b is a cover of a Beach Boys song with alternative lyrics. I haven't the original cover but included the scans of the xerox cover and insert. I like it!

6 Jun 2021

# 553 Chwarter I Un - Dop ar y dol

Side a: 1.Dop ar y dol , 2.Na na na
Side b: 1.K.o. yn y fro , 2.Gwefr y don
Wales 1981 
A fine E.P. by this 6 piece band. All 4 Powerpop/Indierock songs are sung in welsh. Another great record out of Wales. I like it !

# 552 Rocyn - Sosej, bins a chips

Side a: Sosej, bins a chips
Side b: Plant '67
Wales 1982
Great welsh sung Powerpop/Indie Rock by this 6 piece band. Released on the great Flach record label. Enjoy it like i do !