30 Mar 2009

# 185 T-Boys - The bus song

Side a: The bus song
Side b: Mary Jane
UK 1980 (?)
Decent powerpop from this (maybe ?) London/UK boys. The stronger number is on the b side. Not a bad record. Can't find any infos about the T-Boys.


# 184 Joy Ryder + Avis Davis - No more nukes!!!

Side a: No more nukes!!!
Side b: Nasty secretary
USA 1979
Killer New York City punkrock ! Both tracks are great ! Joy Ryder is still active as a singer. Meet Joy here.


# 183 The Distractions - Something for the weekend

Side a: Something for the weekend
Side b: What's the use ?
UK 1980
Superb band from Manchester/UK with their fifth single. The title song is taken from the album "Nobody's perfect" and the second song is a non album track and it's a killer ! Read more here.


22 Mar 2009

# 182 The Agents - Everybody's gonna be happy

Side a: 1.Stare Into Space , 2.Do a Lot Better , 3.Killing the Pig , 4.Julie , 5.Who's He Kidding , 6.Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
Side b: 1.They Say It's Rock and Roll , 2.Beer Talk , 3.We Want to Sign , 4.People Like You , 5.Now's the Time to Change , 6.It's Gotta Be Done Son
GER/UK 1981
Band from Bristol/UK with their lone album. The strange thing is, this was only released in Germany. Good powerpop/pubrock here on this platter from this nearly forgotten band. I like it. Read more here.


15 Mar 2009

# 181 V/A - Another matchbox classic ?

Side a: 1.THE LIMPS - Someone i can talk to , 2.THE LIMPS - Unreal
Side b: 1.NO SUPPORT - Fallen hero , 2.NO SUPPORT - Spare parts , 3.NO SUPPORT - Sub-Human species
UK 1979
Great split single by this Carlisle/UK based bands ! This is their second split single, they made together. Some copies have a fold out cover sleeve.


# 180 Ricky Cool - I've got this problem with girls

Side a: I've got this problem with girls (they don't like me)
Side b: You're not my type !
Great powerpop/pubrock !! Hey, this guy speaks in my tongues (haha...). Listen to the funny lyrics !! Meet Ricky Cool here. He's still active with his band!


# 179 The Organpipes - Hey kids let's dance

Side a: Hey kids let's dance
Side b: You don't find love in a supermarket
GER 1982
The a side is a quirky, catchy new wave number and the b side is more a little bit disco/dance music. I think, this is an english band (the names of the members on the labels sounds very english) with a release in germany. I don't know much more.


8 Mar 2009

# 178 The K9s' - The K9 hassle

Side a: The K9s' hassle
Side b: 1.Idi Amin , 2.Sweeney Todd
UK 1979
Band from Reading/UK with their only release. A funny record but with absolutle political incorrect humour/lyrics. Please make your own decision. Read the story here.


# 177 The Newtown Neurotics - When the oil runs out

Side a: When the oil runs out
Side b: Oh no
UK 1980
Excellent first single of this extremly underrated band from Harlow/UK. I think The (Newtown) Neurotics were one of the most important bands in the middle of the 1980's for political and social thinking punk bands. I had the pleasure to see the band one time. Still a great band !! Meet the Newtown Neurotics here and here.


# 176 Pure Hell - These boots a re made for walking

Side a: These boots a re made for walking
Side b: No rules
USA/UK 1978
First all-black punkgroup from Philadelphia/USA with there one and only release. The a-side is a well known Lee Hazelwood classic. But the b-side is a self-penned number and shows the greatness of this band. In 2008, Welfare Records put out the never released LP, recorded in 1978. Meet the band here.


1 Mar 2009

# 175 Tenpole Tudor - Real fun

Side a: Real fun
Side b: What's in a word
UK 1980
Fantastic first record of Tenpole Tudor ! The best they ever made. Sure, "3 bells in a row","Wunderbar" or *Swords of a 1000 men" are great songs but this two on this single are much better. Yeah, real fun ! Read more here and here.


# 174 Mick Farren & The Deviants - Screwed up

Side a: 1.Outrageous / Contageous , 2.Let's loop the supermarket again like we did last summer
Sideb: 1.Screwed up , 2.Shock horror
UK 1977
Read everything about this multitalented man here. And meet him here.Great record, especially track 2 on side a.


# 173 The 101'ers - Keys to your heart

Side a: Keys to your heart
Side b: 5 star rock'n'roll petrol
UK 1976
Everything is written about this little beauty. Only the future is unwritten.

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