17 Oct 2010

# 312 The Mods - Lost touch

Side a: 1.King And Country , 2.Our Street Numbers , 3.This Is My Night Out , 4.If You Got To Go
Side b: 1.Friend Or Foe , 2.Out Of Sight (Hey Hey Hey) , 3.Wasting My Time , 4.This Is What It's All About
UK 1980
This great record is a little bit misterious and i'm not sure about the song names. I found them in the web. Some rumours say that's the same band with another singer as the band who feature on the "Mods Mayday 79" compilation. You know more ? The music is strong influenced by the mighty "The Jam". Love it !


# 311 Loaded Dice - No sweat

Side a: 1.Keep your dress on , 2.Telephone , 3.Come and take me tonight , 4.Kings Cross ladies , 5.Pass me by , 6.Dooya?
Side b: 1.Robbery , 2.Lights go out at nine , 3.Making me so sad , 4.I'm in the mood , 5.Baby , 6.Mam'Selle
AUS 1979
Famous lone album by this Perth/AUS based group. I own this record many,many years now and i'm still in love with it !

Download no longer possible (see comment)