14 Jun 2009

# 202 V/A 8 from '80 - A Carlisle compilation

Side a: 1.THE SPIVS - Maybe it's different , 2.THE PEDESTRIANS - Walk it , 3.MR.BULDER - She knows , 4. NO SUPPORT - Prophetic justice
Side b: 1.VELDT - Bleak , 2.THE TOOLBOX MURDERERS - Alco , 3.KIRTSY AND THE HUSBANDS - Sitting in a disco , 4.THE LIMPS - So nice
UK 1980
Superb local compilation from Carlisle/UK on a 7" ! Great mix from punk to powerpop and postpunk. The well known bands here are The Limps and No Support.



Mike said...

Fantastic comp.

topper said...

Yeah nice compilation, would like to hear more of "The Limps ".

spencer kurash said...

Hi is this link still alive as my machine won't open it.I bought this when it first came out tho my copy had a b/w sleeve but with the same picture. Whilst walking my dog this morning the song "Walk it" popped into my head (can't think why). It got me thinking "I wonder if possibly....and then your site popped up. I remember at the time this 7" came out John Peel saying it would probably be dismissed as "8 boring bands from Grimsby"

spencer kurash said...

Downloading now. I think it was a Rapidshare problem-Thanks for the memories.

Unknown said...

You've made an old Pedestrian very happy.

The Limps are now on facebook, with a couple of links to videos on youtube. Matchbox classic (the label) is also on facebook.

One Collector Thousand Tunes said...

Can you upload it pls

razor said...

Re-Up is done. Enjoy !