3 Mar 2013

# 392 V/A - Belfast

Side a: 1. STAGE B - Recall to life , 2.STRIKE - Radio songs , 3.EX-PRODUCERS - The system is here , 4.EZY MEAT - Sexy lady , 5.REFLEX ACTION - Spies
Side b: 1.STRIKE - Running past , 2.REFLEX ACTION - Recession , 3.STAGE B - Light on the Hillside , 4.EZY MEAT - Soho escapade , 5.EX-PRODUCERS - Behind the door
N.IRL 1980
This is one of these great local compilations from the end of the seventies/beginning of the eighties with a mix of Powerpop/Postpunk/Rock/New wave/Punk like "the Bristol Recorder" or "Avon Calling" , "First Offenders" to name a few. The winners here on this platter are the Strike numbers ( with the female singer Lesley Whitten).
If you like more info about the bands go to this site: Irish Rock. The songs by the Ex-Producers are also on the fantastic CD compilation "Shellshock rockers" who was released 2012 by Spit Records.