29 Jun 2008

# 15 Handbag - Snatchin' by

Side a: 1.The wrong knock , 2.You are my destiny , 3.Breakfast in Berlin , 4.You wont get me , 5.Doreen
Side b: 1.Superstar car crash , 2.Medley - Just raped,Lovers,Jet lag
I 1977
An english band with their only release in Italy. The record was re-released 1978 with a complete different cover . Again only in Italy.


# 14 The Snifters - I like boys

Side a: I like boys
Side b: Baby punker
UK 1978
Drum machine driven punk stomper. Rumours said that the band were from Holland. One and only release on the highly collectable "Lightning Records" label.


# 13 The Passengers - Two lovers

Side a: Two lovers
Side b: Something about you (I don't like)
UK 1979 / No picture sleeve
A powerpop combo from York/UK. First of two singles.Double A sided with handwritten labels.


#12 The Bucks - Avoid the barracuda

Side a: Avoid the barracuda
Side b: That kind of ohohoh !
CH 1980
First single of this swiss trio. They had a large following at the begins of the 1980s and respectable success in the Nederlands. The drummer and the singer/bass player had played befor with the
"Nasal Boys" and "Expo". The band is still alive and kickin' ! Visit their homepage.


# 11 Book - Live at the Masque / Nightmare in Punk Alley

Great new book about the early Los Angeles punk scene. This is a must have.
USA 2008

The Masque was the grimy Los Angeles basement club where West Coast punk first coalesced in the crucial years from 1977 - 1979. Live at the Masque is comprised of more than 300 pages of photographs that offer a snapshot of a classic, vanished moment on the Los Angeles pop culture landscape of the late 70s that was galvanized by a pungent mix of punk rock, politics, graffiti, unique fashion and art. This painstakingly compiled volume by Masque founder-author Brendan Mullen and editor Roger Gastman features previously unpublished photos, posters, flyers for bands who got their start at the Masque like X, Go Go's, Dickies, Bags, Eyes, Black Randy & the Metro Squad, Plugz, Skulls, Controllers and the Deadbeats leap out of every page, many of them in full color. Also included are pre-Masque bands who played there to ever-expanding audiences, namely the Alleycats, Zeros, Dils, Screamers, Germs, Weirdos, Avengers, Black Flag, Mau Mau's, and many more pioneers of the early West Coast punk/hardcore scenes.
328 pages, HC, 9” x 12”,
ISBN: 978-1-58423-290-2

28 Jun 2008

# 10 Warsaw Pakt - See you in court !

Side a: 1.Even money , 2.Angle , 3.Sick'n'tired , 4.Dogfite , 5.Lorraine , 6.Fast Eddie
Side b: 1.Breast beating (more like a man) , 2.Believe me honey , 3.Cut glass jaw , 4.Safe and warm , 5.Nosebleed
UK 1979 / released as a Tape only
Posthum release with recordings from 1977.

Read more here and here.


27 Jun 2008

# 9 Doctors of Madness - Bulletin

Side a: Bulletin
Side b: Waiting
UK 1977
Punkrock with a violin ?? Yes, it works ! Listen to this !


# 8 The Secret - Do you really care ?

Side a: Do you really care ?
Side b: I wanna car like that !
UK1978 / Never released with a picture cover
Second release for Arista Records. This single is more Powerpop , New Wave/Glam than their first punky record. They were dropped from Arista after this release because of no success.


# 7 The Neat - Hormones in action

Side a: Hormones in action (in my heart)
Side b: Take your chances
UK 1979
Great '60s inspired powerpop by these guys from Leeds. Sadly their one and only release.
Funny boys with funny names....


# 6 Nasty Media - Spiked Copy E.P.

Side a: 1.The Ripper , 2. John Peel
Side b: 1.Spiked Copy , 2.Winter
UK 1978
The one and only single of "Nasty Media" from the Leeds area. They split up at the end of 1978.


25 Jun 2008

# 5 Phil'n'the Blanks - Autosex

Side a: Autosex
Side b: PRL-8-53
USA 1980
Quirky New Wave from Chicago. Great single.


# 4 The English - Hooray for the english

Side a: Hooray for the english
Side b: When you fly
UK 1981
I can't find any information about this band.


# 3 The Showbiz Kids - She goes to Fino's

Side a: She goes to Fino's
Side b: I don't want to discuss that
UK 1980

"She goes to Fino's" is originally written by Olga from the Toy Dolls. I don't know if he really played on this record. He is not listed as a band member. Some sites on the WWW report this band as the previous band of Olga.


# 2 Pete Fender - Four Formulas

Side a: 1.Promises,Promises 2. Lonely homocide
Side b: 1.I'll never believe you 2. Nothing to say
UK 1980
Pete Fender (Dan Sansom) was the guitar player of The Fatal Microbes. He subsequently went on to form Rubella Ballet with Gem Stone (bass) and Sid Ation (drums) who was later also in Flux of Pink Indians. It also made a brief appearance, as did Annie Anxiety. Pete Fender later released a 7" EP, "Four Formulas", under his own name on XNTRIX records. Pete Fender and It had originally met when they formed the band Punktuation in 1977. With an average age of just 13 years, it would make them probably the youngest punk band in the country at the time. Later, Pete was also a pivotal member of Omega Tribe.


# 1 The Uncool Dance Band - Let me be your boyfriend

Side a: Let me be your boyfriend
Side b: Heads i win

UK 1981 / Never released with a picture cover.
Second and last single by this powerpop combo from Doncaster / UK. This band is well known from the compilation "Logical Steps".

"We were a New Wave Pop band and in a short time built up a good local following and signed a record deal with Polydor,I remember thinking at the time ’this music business is a piece of piss’.The deal was for three singles,the first two singles flopped,Polydor dropped us and the band folded.Not so easy afterall!" (Taken from the Myspace site of Goeff Carline / Guitar player of the Uncool Dance Band)