9 Feb 2014

# 418 Screamin' Rachael and Remote - Insult to injury

Side a: Insult to injury
Side b: Bad influence
USA 1980
Great little piece of wax by this Chicago based band. This is their lone single. Cool punky new wave on this record. Rachael Cain is still in the music business and was a pioneer of "House Music". She is named "Queen of house music".


# 417 Pink Plastic & Panties - Bla-Bla

Side a: Bla-Bla
Side b: Anger
NEL 1980
Sole release by this dutch all-girl band. They had also three tracks on the great live compilation called "Rock Tegen De Rollen" who is worth listening. The sound reminds me a little bit to the swiss band "Kleenex/Liliput". A fine record!