25 Feb 2013

# 391 The Parts - Look at the girls

Side a: Look at the girls
Side b: So in love
USA 1981
Great New Jersey powerpop! The songs are a bit too long but worth listening. The record was released on Future Productions from Bricktown N.J. I haven't found informations about this group.


# 390 X-Iles - Dreamin'-No!

Side a: Dreamin'-No!
Side b: Indecision
USA 1980
This record is a little bit a mistery. The only information that i found is, that Dave “ Coco ” Chavez of Code of Honor was playing on this record. Cool record !


# 389 Mats Olofsson med Docent Död

Side a: Krig och karlek
Side b: Hur kan det komma sig
SWE 1980
Very nice powerpop sung in swedish. This is their 4th 7" record. This band is active since 1977 ! Read more here (Site is in swedish).


10 Feb 2013

Is it over and out ?

My Mediafire account is suspended by violation of the terms and the files are no longer available for download. Sorry for that.
I'm a little bit frustrated at the moment and i don't know if i should re-upload all the files on another place. It's extremly hard work and i don't know if i can find enough spare time for that.
DivShare , Mega ? Has someone experience with that ?
Please let me know.

Thanks for your support over the years !