28 Mar 2010

# 270 Tiger Tails - Words without conviction E.P.

Side a: Words without conviction
Side b: 1. Norman , 2.Fashion fool
UK 1980
Killer lone (?) release by this Burnley/UK based band. This superb record was released on the "Snotty snail" label who was running by the "Not Sensibles". You know anything more ?


# 269 New Math

Side a: Older women
Side b: The restless kind
USA 1981
Band from Rochester/NY with their 3rd single. Good 2 Tone ska on the a side and a good poppunk number on the flip. Meet the band here.


# 268 The Lambrettas - Go steady

Side a: Go steady
Side b: 1.Cortinas , 2.Listen,listen,listen
UK 1979
First single from the mighty Lambrettas. All 3 numbers are not on their first LP " Beat boys in the jet age". "Go steady" was taken from the fab compilation "499-2139" . Read a bit history here.


# 267 The Lovely Bodies - Swelter in the shelter

Side a: Swelter in the shelter
Side b: 1.Come on too strong , 2.Shark bites
UK 1981
Excellent 3 tracker by this Nottingham/UK area based combo. Every song's a winner ! I don't know much more.

Requested by Silvia


# 266 The Crooks - All the time in the world

Side a: All the time in the world
Side b: Banging my head
UK 1980
Superb second and final single by this North London/UK based mod revival band. The b side is not on their lone album "Just released". Read more here.


14 Mar 2010

# 265 The Reactors - World war four

Side a: 1.Bite the hand , 2.I like to be alone , 3.The cops r ratz , 4.It's hard to be a rebel , 5.Somewhere someone , 6.World war four
Side b: 1.Heretic song , Membrane , 3.Cat's cradle , 4.Weekend , 5.Already a memory , 6.No more
USA 1980
Killer lone LP from this San Bernadino, CA based band on their own label. They also released one single before the LP. Fantastic !
Read more here.


# 264 Linda and the Dark - Where have all the good times gone

Side a: Where have all the good times gone
Side b: Waiting for the telephone
UK 1981
Great second (?) single by this UK band. The record was only released in Portugal with a cover.
I like this platter !


# 263 The Breakers - Radio Love

Side a: Radio love
Side b: My momma told me
USA 1981
A great powerpop song on the a side.The other side is more pubrock/rock. I haven't found informations about this band. You know anything more ?


# 262 The What - East coast kids E.P.

Side a: What is the cure ?
Side b: 1.Anything goes , 2.East coast kids
UK 1979
A South Humberside based punk group with their lone release. Good postpunk on the a side and simple three chord punk on the other side.