25 Jan 2009

# 162 Magic Michael - Millionaire

Side a: Millionaire
Side b: Me and my friend
UK 1979
Find this on the WWW:
Described by NME writer Nick Kent as "Ladbroke Grove's answer to Wildman Fisher," Magic Michael -- aka Michael Cousins -- was a permanent fixture on the early-'70s U.K. hippy scene, albeit one who seemed destined to court controversy. Again according to Kent, he was once booed off-stage at a Hawkwind concert ("This is believed to be the first and only time such an event has occurred"), while he can also be spotted during the previous year's Glastonbury Fayre movie, performing naked before a decidedly hostile crowd. 1972 saw Magic Michael appearing at the Greasy Truckers Party; both the original limited-edition LP release and the 2007 three-CD reissue capture him in fine form, performing the 20-minute ad lib "Music Belongs to the People." He also recorded an entire album with Nirvana's Patrick Campbell-Lyons, scheduled for release on the Vertigo label, but ultimately canned. By 1973, Michael was working and recording within Brian Eno's orbit; he also auditioned unsuccessfully for the role of vocalist with Can. He also worked with Nick Lowe during 1976, offering up the self-composed "Little by Little" for the Stiff label compilation A Bunch of Stiffs. Three years elapsed before Magic Michael resurfaced, cutting a new single, "Millionaire," alongside Damned members Rat Scabies, Captain Sensible, and Algy Ward. Since that time, he has remained silent. ~ Dave Thompson, All Music Guide


# 161 Direct Hits - Modesty Blaise

Side a: Modesty Blaise
Side b: Sunny honey girl
UK 1982
Very sixtys inspired powerpop by this british Neo-Mods trio. And it's a good one. I can't find info's about the band.


# 160 Not Sensibles - I'm the bishop

Side a: The telephone rings again
Side a: I'm the bishop
UK 1981
Their 4th and final release before they split up. Two killer powerpop tracks with great funny lyrics.
The band is on the road again. Meet the band here and here.


# 159 Protex - I can't cope

Side a: I can't cope
Side b: Popularity
UK/N-IRL 1979
Second single by the Belfast/N-IRL based powerpop kings ! What a killer !


# 158 Screams - Paper dolls

Side a: Paper dolls
Side b: Pen pal
UK 1979
US band with an english release. Okay pubrock/punkrock. Both tracks are taken from their only selftitled album. Meet the band here.


18 Jan 2009

# 157 The Gas - The Finger

Side a: The Finger
Side b: Knock it down
UK 1981
The 4th 7" single by this english band and it's taken from their album " Emotional Warfare". "The Finger" is the hell of a catchy song ! This great number turns for hours in my head after i heard it. The b side is a non Lp track.


# 156 Spider King - Animals

Side a: Animals
Side aa: Would wanna die for England
UK 1980
"Animals" is a strange post punk/new wave number but the aa side is a real punk cracker !
I don't know if Spider King was a band or only an one man projekt. I can't find infos about this record.


# 155 The Bad Actors - Are they hostile

Side a: Are they hostile
Side b: Love song
UK 1980
First output from this UK band. The title track is great punk stomper. They also released a second single named "Strange love" in 1981.


# 154 The Trend - I don't anymore

Side a: I don't anymore
Side b: Routines
UK 1980
A band (maybe) from Hyde/UK with their 3rd 7" single. Good punky powerpop. This was never released with a picture cover. I can't find any informations about this band.


# 153 The Monks - Johnny B. Rotten

Side a: Johnny B. Rotten
Side b: Drugs in my pocket
UK 1979
Great 3rd single by the Monks. Meet the band here.


11 Jan 2009

# 152 V/A - Aylesbury goes Flaccid

Side a: 1.VICE CREEMS - No passion , 2.THE SPEEDOS - She's a rocker , 3.THE MAN EZEKE - Brixton reggae rock , 4.INTERMEZZO #1 , 5.PETER OUT & THE FADERS - Need you (oh yeah) , 6.THE ROBINS - Stuck on your own , 7.THE HAIRCUTS - Do remember L-L-Longwick , 8.WILD WILLY BARRETT - Nigel Pringle
Side b: 1.INTERMEZZO #2 , 2.CLUMSY - Help yourself , 3.ANAL SURGEONS - Wide boy , 4.SMIFFY - Ain't it good to be alive , 5.ABOTT - Roll me up , 6.INTERMEZZO # 3 , 7.KEN LIVERSAUGE - Gosseberry puss , 8.ROBERT & THE REMOULDS - L.A.G.O.C.O. , 9.REDWOOD - Just another weakend , 10. OUTRO
UK 1978

Superb local compilation from Aylesbury/UK. I own this record for many years now and i had a lot of fun to record this platter for this blog. It's really a great one and i enjoy every song on this record ! After 30 years, the compilation is now available on CD. Read more here.


4 Jan 2009

# 151 Krypton Tunes - Limited Vision

Side a: Limited Vision
Side b: All in jail
UK 1978
Second output by this four piece group from Wales on the highly collectable "Lightning records" label. And it's a good record.


# 150 Red Noise - Revolt into style

Side a: Revolt into style
Side b: Out of touch
UK 1979
Second single of Bill Nelson's Red Noise. "Revolt into style" is great quirky powerpoppy New Wave number in the vein of XTC. The single reached no. 69 in UK charts. Read more here and here.

Thanks to Kidnap who inspired me to this post.


# 149 The Flys - Bunch of five

Side a: 1.Saturday sunrise , 2.Love and a molotov cocktail
Side b: 1.Can i crash hre , 2.Me and my buddies , 3.Just for your sex
UK 1977
A masterpiece of a record ! Still one of my all time favourites ! This was The Flys first record. "Love and a molotov cocktail" was later re-released by the major record company EMI.


# 148 Star Jets - War Stories

Side a : War Stories
Side b: Do the push
UK 1979
Fifth single release by the Belfast boys "Starjets" . The single reached no. 51 in the UK charts. The b-side is a non-album track. Read more here.


# 147 The Lambrettas - Emergency bag

Side a: Another day (another girl)
Side b: Steppin' out (of line)
UK 1980
Fourth single from the Brighton/UK mod revival outfit. This is the release with the renamed song "Page 3" (Another day). First issue with a different cover was banned.
Jez Bird , singer of The Lambrettas, sadly died in August 2008. Read more here and here.