30 Aug 2009

# 223 Supermatix - Bad timing

Side a: 1.T.V, world , 2.Close to home
Side b: 1.What more can she do? , 2.Sex sells , 3.Oh no...
UK 1981
Carlisle/Uk based band ? I don't know. This was released on the Matchbox classic reord label (who bring us The Lims,No support). I haven't found informations about this record.


# 222 Battered Wives - Uganda stomp

Side a: Uganda stomp (Bomp Idi Bomp!)
Side b: Giddy
CAN 1979
Band from Toronto/CAN with their first single. Uganda stomp is also on their first LP and the b side is a non album track. Read more about this group here.


# 221 Johnny Curious & The Strangers - In tune

Side a: 1.In tune , 2.Road to Cheltenham
Side b: 1.Pissheadsville , 2.Jennifer
UK 1978
Superb platter by this Hertfordshire/UK based band. Two good powerpop songs on side a and to great punk stompers on side b. This is their lone record. Johnny Curious released a solo seven inch in 1979. Please read more here and here.


# 220 Pom Poms - Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie

Side a: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie yellow polka dot bikini
Side b: 1. Do ya like it , 2.Do the slam
USA 1983
Quirky new wave band from New York/USA with thier lone release. Funny little record.


9 Aug 2009

# 219 Herod's Race - Something's not right

Side a: Something's not right
Side b: Wind me up!
UK 1980
Superb powerpop from the UK. I think this was released by the band's own label and never had a picture cover. The only information i found, is that the record was recorded at the Spaceward studios in Cambridge.


# 218 The Vipers - I've got you

Side a: I've got you
Side b: No such thing
IRL 1978
Great irish powerpop/punk here on this record. One member later join the very well known "The Blades". Read more here.