29 Dec 2008

# 146 The Beex - Beat Beat

Side a: (My heart goes) Beat Beat
Side b: He obliterates me
USA 1980
First 7" from this band from Rochmind/USA. Meet the band on MySpace and read all the sad things.


# 145 The Doll - Don't tango on my heart

Side a: Don't tango on my heart
Side b: Trash
UK 1978
Fantastic first single by this london based New Wave/Pop band. Quirky and fast punky new wave on this platter. Great !


# 144 The Shapes - Blast off

Side a: Blast off
Side b: Airline disaster
UK 1980
Second and final release from the Shapes. This was a co-production of "Good Vibration" records and their own "Sofa" records label. Read everything about the band here.


# 143 The Quads - UFO

Side a: UFO
Side b: Astronauts journey
UK 1980
3rd release of this boys from Birmingham/UK. They had also a John Peel session in 1979. Read more here.


# 142 Fast Action - Dining out with clients

Side a: Dining out with clients
Side b: United
UK 1980
A funny little record. Good DIY/Pubrock from this UK based band.


21 Dec 2008

# 141 The Lights - New York girls

Side a: New York girls Side b: Doctor Jones USA 1980 Good rockin' powerpop here on this platter by this New York based band. Uhh, and i was instantly in love with the covergirl.... Download

# 140 The Vapors - Prisoners

Side a: Prisoners
Side b: Sunstroke
UK 1979
What is powerpop music without the Vapors ??!! This is their first release. Prisoners is a cracker of a song !! And i think, this song is much better than their massive hit "Turning japanese" who reached no.3 in the UK charts. Oh yes ! I love the Vapors !!


# 139 The Grids - New anthems E.P.

Side e: 1.You're no better than me , 2.Hypocrite
Side p: Innocent no more
UK 1980
Great e-side and a boring p-side. And again i haven't found informations about the band. You can help ?


# 138 The Reasons - Hard day at the office

Side a: Hard day at the office
Side b: Baby bright eyes
USA 1978
Okay powerpop (maybe) from New York. I can't find Infos about this band.


# 137 3 Times a day - I crave to be hermaphrodite

Side a: 1.I crave to be hermaphrodite , 2. X-ray
Side b: Storm
UK 1981
Obscure post punk on "Abstract Records". Produced by Nicky Garret of the mighty "U.K. Subs".
The songs on the a-side sounds a littlebit strange to my ears but the song on the b-side is a good track. Sadly i haven't a cover sleeve.


14 Dec 2008

# 136 Red Cross - s/t

Side a: 1.Cover band , 2.Annette's got the hits , 3.I hate my school
Side b: 1.Clorox girls , 2.S&M party , 3.Standing in front of poseur
USA 1980
This record is fuckin' brilliant ! An american punk classic. This was their first platter and their best in my opinion. Read more about Red(d) C(K)ross here. Or meet them on MySpace.


# 135 The Resisters - s/t

Side a: 1.Rotten Rock&Roll , 2.Keep your mouth shut , 3.Secrets , 4.Affront , 5.The Dispossessed
Side b: 1.The Pain , 2.Kerb crawler , 3.Tony , 4.London , 5.Laundry machine
UK/GER 1979
I think this is a littlebit a forgotten record. This was only released in Germany but the band is (maybe) from the London area. Good political DIY/powerpop/punk. I like it ! Read more here.


8 Dec 2008

# 134 Small Ads - Small Ads

Side a: Small ads
Side b: Motorway madness
UK 1981
This is one of three singles i know from this band. All records were released in 1981. I don't know which one was the first. I love this very british feeling on their records which reminds me of bands like "Madness" or "The Monks". Great !


# 133 Menace - I need nothing

Side a: I need nothing
Side b: Electrocutioner
UK 1978
Recorded in 1977 and released in 1978. This is the third single of the mighty Menace. They play again and have a new record out with a new singer. Please check out the band's website.


# 132 SVT - New year

Side a: New year
Side b: Wanna see you cry
USA 1979
Great band from the San Francisco area with their first release. Read more about the band here.


# 131 The Ratz - Call it quits

Side a: Call it quits
Side b: Mental block
USA 1981
Band from Madison (TN) with their only release.I can't find more informations of the band.


1 Dec 2008

# 130 Wayne County - Radio crimes

Side a: Trying to get on the radio
Side b: Evil minded momma
UK 1978
Wayne County and the electric chairs sixth single release. I love the song on side a ! Meet Jayne here or on Myspace.


# 129 The Jook - Bish,Bash,Bosh

Side a: Bish,Bash,Bosh
Side b: Crazy kids
UK 1974
Fifth and last single. And it's a big one ! The b side is an absolute killer track. Read more of their history here and meet them here.


# 128 The Table - Sex sells

Side a: Sex sells
Side b: The road of lyfe
UK 1978
Another great Chiswick records classic. This is "The Table" second output and it's much better than their first record.


# 127 The Luchs Brothers - Kill me i'm rotten

Side a: Kill me i'm rotten
Side b: Losing my lunch
USA 1978
American punkrock classic by this Illinois based band. The a side is great the other one is crap.
Read more hear.


# 126 Helpless Huw - Sid Vicious was innocent

Side a: 1.Sid Vicious was innocent , 2.Going through the motions
Side b: 1.Baby we're not in love , 2.When you're weary
UK 1979
This is their second release. An okay punky pop record with the stronger songs on side a.


23 Nov 2008

# 125 The Flatbackers - Pumping iron

Side a: Pumping iron
Side b: Kid from kidbrooke
UK 1980
Fantastic first single of this all-girl trio from London. They had also recorded a John Peel session in the same year. I love this record !!


# 124 The Smith - Here comes my baby

Side a: Here comes my baby
Side b: 1.Just another line , 2.Too late
UK 1981
A band from Taunton/UK. The a side is a great version of an old Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) number and the other ones are self-penned songs.


# 123 The Jump - Tomorrow's mine

Side a: Tomorrow's mine
Side b: Love in the park
UK 197?
Good powerpop/pubrock on this one. I can't find any informations about the band.


# 122 Rudi - When i was dead

Side a: When i was dead
Side b: 1.Bewerewolf! , 2.The pressure's on
N-IRL 1981
Fourth single of this trio from Northern Irland. This one cames out on Paul Weller's Jamming! record label. Read more here.


# 121 The Reds - Whatcha'doin'to me

Side a: Whatcha'doin'to me
Side b: Not you
USA 1979
Great Texas punk. I think they released 2 albums and a few singles.I don't know much more.


16 Nov 2008

# 120 The Bees - Mystery Date

Side a: 1.Mystery date , 2.It's a business doing pleasure with you Side b: 1. Ruby , 2.Circiut breaker USA 1979 Quirky New Wave/Punk from New York. Four great self penned numbers. This is their first of three releases they ever made.  


# 119 The Pork Dukes - Telephone masturbator

Side a: Telephone masturbator (surprise someone with a phone call tonite)
Side b: Melody makers (a tibute to the gentlepersons of the great british music press)
UK 1978
Third single by this band from Witham/Essex. Love it ! Read more about the band here. They still active and playing live.


# 118 Pullovers - Peter Pan pill

Side a: Peter Pan pill
Side b: Spare part surgery
UK 1980
Okay postpunk from a York based 5 piece band. The b side number has a good hook line and is the stronger song on this record.


# 117 Cleaver - Walking Razor

Side a: Walking Razor
Side b: What about the kids ?
BEL 1980
Band from Belgium with an okay rockin powerpop record. They released in the same year an album on the same label. I can't find information about this group.


# 116 The Fatal Charm - Paris

Side a: Paris
Side b: 1.Glitterbit , 2.Out of my head
UK 1979
First release of the Huddersfield based band. They have also 3 songs on the "Dead Good Records" label sampler called "East". Sadly i havent a cover. A good New Wave/Punk/Powerpop platter.


9 Nov 2008

# 115 New Math - Die trying

Side a: Die trying
Side b: Angela
UK 1979
Good powerpop from this band. May they were from the Rochdale area ? I don't know. This is the promotional copy without the picture cover sleeve.


# 114 The Smirks - American patriots

Side a: 1.Angry with myself , 2.Penetration
Side b: American patriots
I love the Smirks !!


# 113 Offs - Everyone's a bigot

Side a: Everyone's a bigot
Side b: Zero degrees
USA 1978
Band from San Francisco with their second release. The a side is a good "Clash style" reggae tune and the other side is a great punk song with saxophone. Read more about the band here.


# 112 Static Routines - Rock'n'Roll clones

Side a: Rock'n'Roll clones
Side b: Sheet music
IRL 1979
5 pieces group from Dundalk in Irland with their one and only release on the Belfast label "Good Vibrations". Two cool punky powerpop tunes.


# 111 Mobster - Simmer down

Side a: Simmer down
Side b: Mobster shuffle
UK 1980
Good version of the Bob Marley classic "Simmer down" on the a side from this UK band. The b side is a lame ska version of the "William Tell Overture". This record was released in the UK , France , Scandinavia and in Canada on different labels.


2 Nov 2008

# 110 Shake - 10" E.P.

Side a: 1.Culture shock , 2.Glasshouse
Side b: 1.Dream on , 2. (But) Not mine
UK 1979
After the break of "The Rezillos", Jo Callis, Angel Patterson and Simon Templar formed "Shake". They playded a good mix of powerpop/punk and all four songs are worth listening. Jo and Angel are back now in "The Rezillos" again.


# 109 Fire Exit - Timewall

Side a: Timewall
Side b: Talkin' about myself
UK 1979
Great punk from Scotland, produced by Pat Collier of "The Vibrators". This is a very good platter.


# 108 Speedometors - Tonight tonight

Side a: Tonight tonight
Side b: day in the lights
UK 1979
Good glammy powerpop from this five piece combo. This is their second release and they also had an LP out called "Day in the lights". They quit in 1980.


# 107 Radiation - Johnny

Side a: Johnny
Side b: Last day
UK 1980
Sadly i now nothing about this group. May they were from Chorley ? Okay punkrock thats sound not to harsh for your ears.


# 106 Denizens - People of the night

Side a: People of the night
Side b: Ammonia Subway
UK 1979
A trio from Birmingham with an ex-member of "Brent Ford & the Nylons". Catchy powerpop/post punk. Two good self-written numbers.


25 Oct 2008

# 105 Embryo - I'm different

Side a: I'm different
Side b: You know he did
UK 1980
I like this record. Three of the musicians are still active under the name "Guitar Gangsters". Go and see them playing live ! They are great !!


# 104 The Mirrors - Cure for cancer

Side a: Cure for cancer Side b: Nice vice UK 1977 Great punky pubrock from Newport/Wales. Two strong self written numbers. A winner ! Download

# 103 The Kicks - Get off the phone

Side a: Get off the phone Side b: Big boys don't cry UK 1980 Before they transformed into "The Kicks" they were "The Incredible Kidda Band". This is a good powerpop platter from this six piece band. Download

# 102 Raped - Pretty paedophiles E.P.

Side a: 1.Moving target , 2.Raped
Side b: 1.Escalator hater , 2.Normal
UK 1977
That's what i call punkrock ! Still one of my favourites. Loud, outrages and controversial.This record makes you pogoing the hole day ! "Normal i'm not normal"....


# 101 The Stranglers - Nice'n'Sleazy

Side a: Nice'n'sleazy
Side b: Shut up
UK 1978
7th single of "The Stranglers". I'm not a huge fan of them but the b-side is an absolute cracker !


19 Oct 2008

# 100 The Sweat - No more running

Side a: 1.Isn't anything sacred , 2.Here comes another lonely , 3.No more running , 4.You gotta lotta nerve , 5.I can hardly wait , 6.Can't help myself
Side b: 1.I must be crazy , 2.Please don't say you love me , 3.We all make mistakes , 4.Why'd you have to lie , 5.Do you wanna break my heart , 6.How much longer
N-IRL 1980
What a great record this is ! Full of catchy melodies and singalongs. Very poppy powerpop. Clive Culbertson is a highly gifted songwriter and is very well known for his solo track "Time to kill". They also released a 7" under the name "No Sweat" on the northern irish label "Rip Off". A retrospective of "The Sweat" and "Clive Culbertson" is now available on CD at the japanese label "1977 Records".


12 Oct 2008

# 99 Dangerous Pyjamas - Throwaway kids

Side a: 1.My sisters goes jet set , 2.No results , 3.Throwaway kids
Side b: 1.Double nightmare , 2.Witte banen,zwart banen , 3.Fashion
NL 1982
Cool dutch punk with a little bit of ska. The band was from Utrecht. This is their only release.


# 98 The Beekeepers - Platform 5

Side a: Platform 5
Side b: 1.Trouble with you , 2.Monkey's uncle meets the giant chip pan (Live)
A band from Kent. Formerly known as "The Ignerents". All three numbers are great.


# 97 London Zoo - Receiving End

Side a: Receiving end
Side b: London Zoo
Another great Zoom records release. This band from London was formed by ex-members of "Blunt Instrument". "Receiving end " is a great song !! Love it !