29 Nov 2009

# 244 The Thought Police - Mr. Sad

Side a: Mr. Sad
Side b: 1.You tell me lies , 2.Pictures
UK 1979
A band from Portsmouth with their only release. A good 3 track powerpop platter ! I haven't found more informations.


# 243 Between Pictures - Treat me like an equal

Side a: Treat me like an equal
Side b: Life of your own
UK 1981 (?)
First of two (?) record by this punk/powerpop/post-punk outfit. I haven't found informations about the band. A superb record !


# 242 The Pudz - Take me to your leader

Side a: Take me to your leader
Side b: Take a letter Maria
USA 1981
A punk/powerpop band from Seattle/USA with their lone release. Track a is also on the compilation "Seattle Syndrome". Very good stuff on this platter. Read more here.


15 Nov 2009

# 241 The Uncool Dance Band - Jaqueline

Side a: Jaqueline
Side b: No. 17
UK 1981
First (of two) output from this Doncaster/UK band. The track "No.17" is also on the compilation called "Locical steps". But this is a different (not so catchy) version of this song. Meet one of the band members here.


# 240 The Maps - I'm talking to you

Side a: I'm talking to you
Side b: My eyes are burning
USA 1979
Great powerpop from this Boston/MA based band. This is their lone release. They also had a track on a compilation called "Billy's revue".


# 239 Vampires - Harry's house

Side a: Harry's house
Side b: Mystery and madness
UK 1982
Three piece band from the UK. Cool goth influenced powerpop here on this record. Maybe their one and only ? I haven't found informations about this platter.


1 Nov 2009

# 238 The Bodgers - I hate phoning girls

Side a: I hate phoning girls
Side b: Stutter
UK 1982
Found this one in my record collection. I bought this for years and i overlooked this completely. Superb powerpop with funny stupid lyrics. I haven't found any infos.


# 237 The Trend - Polly & Wendy

Side a: Polly & Wendy
Side b: Family way
UK 1980
Cool second single (of four) by this Manchester/UK area based band. Read more here.


# 236 Splash - Fear no evil

Side a: Fear no evil
Side b: Give me your body
UK 1981
Good quirky New Wave/Powerpop on this platter. I haven't found information about this band. The record came out on Ramkup Records, the same label that bring us the mighty "Long Tall Shorty".