13 Jun 2011

# 336 Zorro - Arrods don't sell'em

Side a: 1. Arrods don't sell'em , 2. Soldier boy
Side b: Starfight
UK 1979
Superb glam/punk/NWOBHM by this Norwich/UK based band with their sole release. The best "Bridge House Records" platter ever released i think. Love it !


# 335 Tony Koklin - Cinderella

Side a: Cinderella
Side b: Living with the times
IRL 1979
Cool powerpop/new wave from this Ballyfermot (Dublin) guy with his first release. Sadly Tony Coughlan (Koklin) is no longer with us. Read more here and here.


# 334 Slugs - Problem child

Single 1 / Side a: Problem child , Side b: Suspicion
Singe 2 / Side a: I'm in love with you (again) , Side b: Never should have told you
USA 1979/1980
After releasing both (coverless) singles as a lone release, "Whiplash records" decided to release the records again as a double single with cover. In my opinion the second single is the better one. Cool punkrock.