21 Jul 2013

# 401 Cardiac Arrest - Running in the streets

Side a: Running in the streets
Side b: T.V. friends
UK 1979
Fantastic self released and lone platter by this Lancaster based group. Also recorded at the Cargo studios in Rochdale like so many other bands in that time.
This is really a fine one!


# 400 Public Enemy - Possession

Side a: Possession
Side b: Somebody new is ok
USA 1979
Fine rocking powerpop on this record.
Found this informmation in the web: Chicago based powerPop combo led by the guitarist/songwriter/producer Mark Durante (ex- RAZER) and former members of STONED HINGE from Edgerton (WI), Paul Accurso (bass) and Wayne Skau (vocals), with sole release. Durante continued in ALIENS, NEXT BIG THING, SLAMMIN' WATUSIS, REVOLTING COCKS, KMFDM, EXCESSIVE FORCE and the country'n'western band WACO BROTHERS with whom he released 8 albums.


# 399 Iron Suite - My only girl

Side a: My only girl
Side b: If she'll love me
USA 1982
Nice powerpop platter by this four piece band.The group was maybe from St.Louis/MO. I think this was their lone release.