7 Oct 2012

# 381 Wilma & the Wilbers - Tiger beat

Side a: 1.Tiger beat , 2.My guy
Side b: 1.I like it thick , 2.I speak russian
USA 1981
Great second and final single by this Minneapolis/Minnesota based band. Read here and you will find their first out put here.


# 380 The Phones - Mink coat

Side a: Mink coat
Side b: sweet talker
USA 1980
Fine powerpop here on this record, especially the b side ! One of these thousands of bands with the same name. I can't found out more, but i think it was their lone release.


# 379 Exposure - All systems go

Side a: All systems go
Side b: Exposure
BEL 1983
Very good punky new wave by this female fronted 5 piece group. I haven't found informations about this band.