25 Dec 2017

# 502 Daddy Please - Call you

Side a: Call you
Side b: Breakin' me down
USA 1980
Superb powerpop record on 707 records. I haven't found informations about this record or the band. I hope you will enjoy this record like i do!


# 501 The Clients - The threat

Side a: The threat
Side b: Triple cross
USA 1980
Sole release by this Los Angeles/California based band. A fine Powerpop/Ska two tracker. Cool !


5 Nov 2017

# 500 The Rabies - (My girl's a) Hologram

Side a: (My girl's a) Hologram
Side b: Criminal
USA 1982
Classy powerpop/new wave platter by this 4 piece band. They released two 7" singles in the same year and both a great ! I love this record and i hope you will too!


# 499 F-systems - People

Side a: People
Side b: Naked kiss
USA 1980
Fantastic New Wave by this Austin/TX based 5 piece group. A strong female singer who reminds me a little bit to Hazel O'Connor. Both songs a real winners! Enjoy it!


30 Jul 2017

# 498 David James - Mean streets

Side a: Mean streets
Side b: Heads will roll
USA 1981
Fantastic punk/powerpop platter by Davis James. This record is a mystery for me. I haven't found informations about Davis James nor the Label "RIM records". Released without a sleeve but with a single printed card and a sticker. The scan is from the sticker. It has the better contrasts.
I hope you will love this record like i do!


30 Jun 2017

# 497 The Contraband - In the night

Side a: In the night
Side b: Searching for affiction
USA 1979
Second output by this San Francisco/CA based quartet. This self released record got two fine songs on it. Side a with a good paced Rock'n'Roll/powerpop number. The guitar riff reminds me of a "Good Vibrations recording artists" song.  The track on the flipside is a nice powerpop number. Enjoy it !


28 May 2017

# 496 Fingers - Cold cold night

Side a: Cold cold night
Side b: Drive in movie
USA 1982
Fantastic powerpop by this Oklahoma quartet. The track on side b is a real cracker ! Sadly i haven't a cover to this record. Enjoy this great record!


# 495 Harner - Get you back

 Side a: Get you back
Side b: Why don't you care?
USA 1982
Great powerpop two tracker by this Indiana (Bloomington?) combo, lead by the brothers Charles and James Harner. The track on side b was later released in the Phillippines with a different track. And the song was also on the film soundtrack of the film "Badgets". Enjoy !


14 Apr 2017

# 494 State Secrets - Black hippies

Side a: 1. Black hippies , 2. Life on a wire
Side b: 1. Reformation , 2. Spies and secret agents
UK 1980
A very fine underproduced DIY 4 track punk platter by this english band. I can't locate where the band came from. It was recorded at the very well known Carco Studios in Rochdale/UK. If you have more informations about this group, please let me know.  Enjoy it like i do !


Band picture , Courtesy by Nick Reynolds

# 493 Hooks - Lipstick on your collar

Side a: Lipstick on your collar
Side b: Young & bored
USA 1980
A female fronted band from NY with their first of two releases. Great version of the classic Connie Francis song and a very fine self-penned number on the flipside. I love it !


26 Feb 2017

# 492 The Pop Guns - Home address burning road

Side a: Home address burning road
Side b: Keep it a secret
SA 1981
Cool powerpop by this Spring (Suburbs of Johannesburg) based four piece band with their sole release. This was released on  Radium Records, the home of the band "Radio Rats", also from South Africa. I love it !


# 491 Mr. Clean - Sick of you

Side a: Sick of you
Side b: Sleepy
USA 1979
Fine little gem by this California based band.  We have here two self penned rockin' powerpop numbers on this record. It seems this was their lone release. I can't find more infos.
Enjoy !


22 Jan 2017

# 490 Cheryl - Killer kiss

Side a: Killer kiss
Side b: It's me
UK 1981
Superb quirky powerpop/new wave on this record by London born Cheryl Powling. This was her lone record release. Please read more here. I love this platter !


# 489 Young Moderns - Body won't obey

Side a: Body won't obey
Side b: (She's a) Disposable girl
USA 1982

Cool female fronted 5 piece band out of California. Two quirky offbeat/new wave tracks here on this record. Maybe their sole release ? I don't now. Enjoy !