13 Oct 2020

# 545 Blue Screaming - Bland hotel

Side a: Bland hotel

Side b: Thin-x-cinema

UK 1978

Great sole release of this London/UK based 4 piece group. The band exist from 1977 to 1979. The a side is a organ driven powerpop/new wave song while b side is more punk/post punk. I love it!


# 544 The Stingrays - Never do

Side a: Never do

Side b: Satellites

UK 1981 

Final 7" of this this Bristol based band. The a side is a very nice glam/powerpop stomper. If this record would have been released in 1972, they would have landed surely into the "top of the pops" show. The band is on the road again under the name Bristol Stingrays. Enjoy it like i do!