19 Apr 2009

# 194 The Commited - Crash victim

Side a: 1.Crash victim , 2.British crimes
Side b: 1.Fast lane , 2.Advertising
UK 1979
Found this in my record collection. I overlooked this a littlebit. Shame on me ! This is a real killer record !! Every songs is a real cracker ! I love it ! Read everything about the band here. And sorry, the record is a bit noisy.


# 193 The AK Band - 8-3-12

Side a: 8-3-12
Side b: Walnuts-Moleteazerz
UK 1981
Band from Kenilworth/UK who won the british "Battle of the Bands" contest in 1980. This is the promo record to their lone album "Manhole Kids". Not a bad record.


# 192 The Zipz - As i pass you by

Side a: As i pass you by
Side b: Tonight
UK 1980
Nice punky powerpop from the UK. I haven't found informations about the band. May their lone release ? I don't know. Backcover says the tracks are taken from their forthcoming album "Quick as a flash".


# 191 The Photos - Irene

Side a: 1.Irene , 2.Cridsilla
Side b: 1.Barbarellas , 2.Shy
UK 1980
Band from Worcestershire/UK. The band formed when Wendy Wu joined the band members of the punk band "Satan's Rat" and they were immediatly compared to "Blondie". This is their best
record in my opinion. Especially "Cridsilla" is a cracker !!


12 Apr 2009

# 190 The Form - Watch out

Side a: Watch out
Side b: 1.Start again , 2.London underground
UK 1980
Great punky powerpop by this London/UK based band ! Sadly i can't find informations about this group. Love this!


# 189 The Steppes - The beat drill

Side a: The beat drill
Side b: God's got religion
UK 1979
Four piece combo with Adrian Lillywhite of "The Members" on drums and Andy Ross of "The Disco Zombies" on vocals. Their one and only output.


# 188 The Numbers - EP

Side a: 1.Rock stars , 2.Leather jacket
Side b: 1.Fines , 2.I don't know what i want , 3.Film extra
UK 1979
Fantastic 5 track single of this four Sussex/UK boys. Every track's a winner ! This is their lone release. Sadly i haven't the special 7"x 7" cover picture.


# 187 After the fire - Laser love

Side a: Laser love
Side b: Your love is alive
UK 1979
Second output by this Essex/UK based group.Decent but ok synth powerpop with a few weak moments in the songs. The b side is a non LP track. Great stamped out cover sleeve with clear orange vinyl. Watch here. And read some history here.


5 Apr 2009

# 186 The Ravers - I was a teenage Rock'n'Roller

Side a: 1.Married to me , 2.Really don't mean a thing , 3.Growing older , 4.The twist , 5.Waiting in the wings
Side b: 1.Got an idea , 2.After school , 3.Boys will be boys , 4.Teenage rock'n'roller , 5.Spend me like a dollar , 6.Leave me alone
USA 1980
Fantastic and completely overlooked record of this Portland/USA based band ! A great mix of punk/powerpop and (hard)rock. Read a littlebit of the history here and here. I love this record very much !! And please note the cover is normaly not in this shape. The pre-owner had too much spare time and coloured the cover with a silver pencil....