27 Feb 2022

# 558 Red Star Belgrade - Too far

Side a: Too far
Side b: Tranquilla
UK 1981
Fantastic catchy und punky new wave on this record. Sometimes it sounds like early Ultravox. First of two releases by this band. I love it!

# 559 Judi and the Shades - No Juvenile Leads E.P

Side a: B-O-Y
Side b: 1. Hots, 2. Echoes
UK 1980
Nice New Wave/Post Punk on this 3 track E.P. If you like The Cure, the song "Echoes" can be something for you. 
I haven't a cover for this record and also i haven't the poster. I included the front and back cover i lent from the net.
A cool record!