29 Dec 2008

# 146 The Beex - Beat Beat

Side a: (My heart goes) Beat Beat
Side b: He obliterates me
USA 1980
First 7" from this band from Rochmind/USA. Meet the band on MySpace and read all the sad things.


# 145 The Doll - Don't tango on my heart

Side a: Don't tango on my heart
Side b: Trash
UK 1978
Fantastic first single by this london based New Wave/Pop band. Quirky and fast punky new wave on this platter. Great !


# 144 The Shapes - Blast off

Side a: Blast off
Side b: Airline disaster
UK 1980
Second and final release from the Shapes. This was a co-production of "Good Vibration" records and their own "Sofa" records label. Read everything about the band here.


# 143 The Quads - UFO

Side a: UFO
Side b: Astronauts journey
UK 1980
3rd release of this boys from Birmingham/UK. They had also a John Peel session in 1979. Read more here.


# 142 Fast Action - Dining out with clients

Side a: Dining out with clients
Side b: United
UK 1980
A funny little record. Good DIY/Pubrock from this UK based band.


21 Dec 2008

# 141 The Lights - New York girls

Side a: New York girls Side b: Doctor Jones USA 1980 Good rockin' powerpop here on this platter by this New York based band. Uhh, and i was instantly in love with the covergirl.... Download

# 140 The Vapors - Prisoners

Side a: Prisoners
Side b: Sunstroke
UK 1979
What is powerpop music without the Vapors ??!! This is their first release. Prisoners is a cracker of a song !! And i think, this song is much better than their massive hit "Turning japanese" who reached no.3 in the UK charts. Oh yes ! I love the Vapors !!


# 139 The Grids - New anthems E.P.

Side e: 1.You're no better than me , 2.Hypocrite
Side p: Innocent no more
UK 1980
Great e-side and a boring p-side. And again i haven't found informations about the band. You can help ?


# 138 The Reasons - Hard day at the office

Side a: Hard day at the office
Side b: Baby bright eyes
USA 1978
Okay powerpop (maybe) from New York. I can't find Infos about this band.


# 137 3 Times a day - I crave to be hermaphrodite

Side a: 1.I crave to be hermaphrodite , 2. X-ray
Side b: Storm
UK 1981
Obscure post punk on "Abstract Records". Produced by Nicky Garret of the mighty "U.K. Subs".
The songs on the a-side sounds a littlebit strange to my ears but the song on the b-side is a good track. Sadly i haven't a cover sleeve.


14 Dec 2008

# 136 Red Cross - s/t

Side a: 1.Cover band , 2.Annette's got the hits , 3.I hate my school
Side b: 1.Clorox girls , 2.S&M party , 3.Standing in front of poseur
USA 1980
This record is fuckin' brilliant ! An american punk classic. This was their first platter and their best in my opinion. Read more about Red(d) C(K)ross here. Or meet them on MySpace.


# 135 The Resisters - s/t

Side a: 1.Rotten Rock&Roll , 2.Keep your mouth shut , 3.Secrets , 4.Affront , 5.The Dispossessed
Side b: 1.The Pain , 2.Kerb crawler , 3.Tony , 4.London , 5.Laundry machine
UK/GER 1979
I think this is a littlebit a forgotten record. This was only released in Germany but the band is (maybe) from the London area. Good political DIY/powerpop/punk. I like it ! Read more here.


8 Dec 2008

# 134 Small Ads - Small Ads

Side a: Small ads
Side b: Motorway madness
UK 1981
This is one of three singles i know from this band. All records were released in 1981. I don't know which one was the first. I love this very british feeling on their records which reminds me of bands like "Madness" or "The Monks". Great !


# 133 Menace - I need nothing

Side a: I need nothing
Side b: Electrocutioner
UK 1978
Recorded in 1977 and released in 1978. This is the third single of the mighty Menace. They play again and have a new record out with a new singer. Please check out the band's website.


# 132 SVT - New year

Side a: New year
Side b: Wanna see you cry
USA 1979
Great band from the San Francisco area with their first release. Read more about the band here.


# 131 The Ratz - Call it quits

Side a: Call it quits
Side b: Mental block
USA 1981
Band from Madison (TN) with their only release.I can't find more informations of the band.


1 Dec 2008

# 130 Wayne County - Radio crimes

Side a: Trying to get on the radio
Side b: Evil minded momma
UK 1978
Wayne County and the electric chairs sixth single release. I love the song on side a ! Meet Jayne here or on Myspace.


# 129 The Jook - Bish,Bash,Bosh

Side a: Bish,Bash,Bosh
Side b: Crazy kids
UK 1974
Fifth and last single. And it's a big one ! The b side is an absolute killer track. Read more of their history here and meet them here.


# 128 The Table - Sex sells

Side a: Sex sells
Side b: The road of lyfe
UK 1978
Another great Chiswick records classic. This is "The Table" second output and it's much better than their first record.


# 127 The Luchs Brothers - Kill me i'm rotten

Side a: Kill me i'm rotten
Side b: Losing my lunch
USA 1978
American punkrock classic by this Illinois based band. The a side is great the other one is crap.
Read more hear.


# 126 Helpless Huw - Sid Vicious was innocent

Side a: 1.Sid Vicious was innocent , 2.Going through the motions
Side b: 1.Baby we're not in love , 2.When you're weary
UK 1979
This is their second release. An okay punky pop record with the stronger songs on side a.