25 Oct 2008

# 105 Embryo - I'm different

Side a: I'm different
Side b: You know he did
UK 1980
I like this record. Three of the musicians are still active under the name "Guitar Gangsters". Go and see them playing live ! They are great !!


# 104 The Mirrors - Cure for cancer

Side a: Cure for cancer Side b: Nice vice UK 1977 Great punky pubrock from Newport/Wales. Two strong self written numbers. A winner ! Download

# 103 The Kicks - Get off the phone

Side a: Get off the phone Side b: Big boys don't cry UK 1980 Before they transformed into "The Kicks" they were "The Incredible Kidda Band". This is a good powerpop platter from this six piece band. Download

# 102 Raped - Pretty paedophiles E.P.

Side a: 1.Moving target , 2.Raped
Side b: 1.Escalator hater , 2.Normal
UK 1977
That's what i call punkrock ! Still one of my favourites. Loud, outrages and controversial.This record makes you pogoing the hole day ! "Normal i'm not normal"....


# 101 The Stranglers - Nice'n'Sleazy

Side a: Nice'n'sleazy
Side b: Shut up
UK 1978
7th single of "The Stranglers". I'm not a huge fan of them but the b-side is an absolute cracker !


19 Oct 2008

# 100 The Sweat - No more running

Side a: 1.Isn't anything sacred , 2.Here comes another lonely , 3.No more running , 4.You gotta lotta nerve , 5.I can hardly wait , 6.Can't help myself
Side b: 1.I must be crazy , 2.Please don't say you love me , 3.We all make mistakes , 4.Why'd you have to lie , 5.Do you wanna break my heart , 6.How much longer
N-IRL 1980
What a great record this is ! Full of catchy melodies and singalongs. Very poppy powerpop. Clive Culbertson is a highly gifted songwriter and is very well known for his solo track "Time to kill". They also released a 7" under the name "No Sweat" on the northern irish label "Rip Off". A retrospective of "The Sweat" and "Clive Culbertson" is now available on CD at the japanese label "1977 Records".


12 Oct 2008

# 99 Dangerous Pyjamas - Throwaway kids

Side a: 1.My sisters goes jet set , 2.No results , 3.Throwaway kids
Side b: 1.Double nightmare , 2.Witte banen,zwart banen , 3.Fashion
NL 1982
Cool dutch punk with a little bit of ska. The band was from Utrecht. This is their only release.


# 98 The Beekeepers - Platform 5

Side a: Platform 5
Side b: 1.Trouble with you , 2.Monkey's uncle meets the giant chip pan (Live)
A band from Kent. Formerly known as "The Ignerents". All three numbers are great.


# 97 London Zoo - Receiving End

Side a: Receiving end
Side b: London Zoo
Another great Zoom records release. This band from London was formed by ex-members of "Blunt Instrument". "Receiving end " is a great song !! Love it !


# 96 Candy Apple - Stargazer

Side a: Stargazer
Side b: Instinction
USA 1980
Candy Apple were three Jersey girls who skipped a lot of school and learned to play on the fly, but that didn't stop them rockin' out all over the NYC scene through their 5-year career.They recorded a heap of material over the years but only this was made it to vinyl.


# 95 Kicks - Maybe just once

Side a: Maybe just once
Side b: Polanski
UK 1980
Good Pop/Powerpop with a synthesizer. Maybe never released with a picture sleeve. I know nothing about this group.


5 Oct 2008

# 94 V/A - Shots in the dark

Side a: 1.THE GRAPHICS - Don't stop , 2.THE STARES - Pseudo love , 3.CROWD CONTROL - There are houses , 4.MYSTERY GUESTS - Take a look at yourself , 5.THE PREDATORS - He thinks he knows me , 6.THE GRAPHICS - Just a balloon
Side b: THE MAGNETICS - Passin' thru , 2.THE PREDATORS - Plastic surgeon , 3.CROWD CONTROL - Treason , 4.MYSTERY GUESTS - So misunderstood , 5.THE MAGNETICS - Not my home , 6. THE STARES - Joe
UK 1981
One of these great local compilation like "Sent from Coventry" or "Avon calling" with a lot of unknown bands. I can't really locate where this record came from. The label is from West Sussex and it was recorded in Eastbourne.


# 93 Foxy - Si t'as pas l' ticket

Side a: Si t'as pas l' ticket
Side b: Sophie
F 1979
Superb french powerpop. Maybe their second single ? I don't know.


# 92 The Aces - One Way Street

Side a: One way street
Side b: Why should it be mine
UK 1981
After "Menace" split up at the end of 1978, the last remaining members start "The Aces". The title track is a brilliant song. They also had recorded another single as "Vermillion & The Aces" with an american girl on vox.


# 91 The Cichlids - Lifeguard Dan

Side a: Lifeguard Dan
Side b: 1.Tourists are pink , 2.Bubblegum
USA 1980
Great single by this Florida band. The songs on the b side are not on their LP "Be true to your school".


# 90 White Heat - The City Beat

Side a: The city beat
Side b: It's no use (Young ones)
UK 1981
Third and final single. Okay rockin' powerpop with the attitude to be a big rock act. Million miles away from their first great single "Nervous Breakdown".