29 Dec 2009

# 248 The Innocent - Got it in the bag

Side a: 1.Got it in the bag , 2.I'm not going anywhere
Side b: 1. Rough work , 2.Wanna get around
CAN 1980
Great powerpop/punk from this Ontario/CAN based band. I think this was their lone release. I haven't found informations about this group. The band is not listed on the canadian punk bible "Smash the state".


# 247 The Hoax - Blind panic E.P.

Side a: 1.Pig farm , 2.Rich royal
Side b: 1.This is my life , 2.Sick as a dog
UK 1981
Fourth and final record by this Manchester/UK punkers. A great record ! Read everything here and here.


# 245 Mondellos - Let's join

Side a: Let's join
Side b: White riot night
USA 1979
Band from San Francisco/USA with their lone release. Not a bad powerpop/new wave platter from this 5 piece band.


29 Nov 2009

# 244 The Thought Police - Mr. Sad

Side a: Mr. Sad
Side b: 1.You tell me lies , 2.Pictures
UK 1979
A band from Portsmouth with their only release. A good 3 track powerpop platter ! I haven't found more informations.


# 243 Between Pictures - Treat me like an equal

Side a: Treat me like an equal
Side b: Life of your own
UK 1981 (?)
First of two (?) record by this punk/powerpop/post-punk outfit. I haven't found informations about the band. A superb record !


# 242 The Pudz - Take me to your leader

Side a: Take me to your leader
Side b: Take a letter Maria
USA 1981
A punk/powerpop band from Seattle/USA with their lone release. Track a is also on the compilation "Seattle Syndrome". Very good stuff on this platter. Read more here.


15 Nov 2009

# 241 The Uncool Dance Band - Jaqueline

Side a: Jaqueline
Side b: No. 17
UK 1981
First (of two) output from this Doncaster/UK band. The track "No.17" is also on the compilation called "Locical steps". But this is a different (not so catchy) version of this song. Meet one of the band members here.


# 240 The Maps - I'm talking to you

Side a: I'm talking to you
Side b: My eyes are burning
USA 1979
Great powerpop from this Boston/MA based band. This is their lone release. They also had a track on a compilation called "Billy's revue".


# 239 Vampires - Harry's house

Side a: Harry's house
Side b: Mystery and madness
UK 1982
Three piece band from the UK. Cool goth influenced powerpop here on this record. Maybe their one and only ? I haven't found informations about this platter.


1 Nov 2009

# 238 The Bodgers - I hate phoning girls

Side a: I hate phoning girls
Side b: Stutter
UK 1982
Found this one in my record collection. I bought this for years and i overlooked this completely. Superb powerpop with funny stupid lyrics. I haven't found any infos.


# 237 The Trend - Polly & Wendy

Side a: Polly & Wendy
Side b: Family way
UK 1980
Cool second single (of four) by this Manchester/UK area based band. Read more here.


# 236 Splash - Fear no evil

Side a: Fear no evil
Side b: Give me your body
UK 1981
Good quirky New Wave/Powerpop on this platter. I haven't found information about this band. The record came out on Ramkup Records, the same label that bring us the mighty "Long Tall Shorty".


23 Oct 2009

# 235 The Wardens - Last like this

Side a: Last like this
Side b: Do so well
UK 1979
Band from Sussex/UK with their lone release. A very good self-released powerpop platter. They also had a track on the compilation "499 2139". Great !


# 234 Attack - Ooa hela natten

Side a: Ooa hela natten
Side b: Kom fram
SWE 1981
Fantastic powerpoppy Glamrock from this swedish group ! The track on the b side is a killer ! This is their second single. I love it !!!!


# 233 Cole Younger and the Koolettes - It'll be alright on the night

Side a: It'll be alright on the night
Side b: Ice cole love
UK 1981
Killer powerpop by Cole and his girls. I don't know how much records he has released. And i can't find informations about this guy. But i'ts great, isn't it ?

Thanks to my alltime best friend who gave me this record as a present !


# 232 Karl Withworth - Names Numbers & Places

Side a: Names Numbers & Places
Side b: Identity
UK 1981
Superb mod revival record. This was his first solo release of two. Karl Withworth is still active as a musician. Meet him here.


# 231 The XL5's - Fireball

Side a: Fireball
Side b: Misirlou
UK 1980
Superb and catchy New Wave here on this platter ! The b-side is an old surf classic. I love this record.


# 230 The Late Show - I like it

Side a: I like it Side b: I wrote a book UK 1978 Great second single by this Medway Towns/UK based group. Both songs are not on their LP "Snap!". Download

6 Oct 2009

# 229 School Ties - No future

Side a: No future
Side b: Screw you
UK 1980
Killer punk by this UK group ! I think this was self released by the band and never had a picture cover. Fantastic !


# 228 Vitamine - Annie Tendresse

Side a: Annie Tendresse
Side b: Pick up
FR 1980
Fantastic french punky powerpop by this two actresses. I like this very much ! Read more here.


# 227 Sussex - Treat me kind

Side a: Treat me kind
Side b: What's the point ?
UK 1979
Superb powerpop here on this platter ! First of two singles by this five piece group. I love it !


# 226 The Cartoons - Lunchtime love affair

Side a: Lunchtime love affair
Side b: Dark alleys
UK 1979
Okay pubrock pop/rock by this London/UK based band. This is their one and only release.


6 Sept 2009

# 225 The Names - Why can't it be

Side a: Why can't it be
Side b: Baby you're a fool
USA 1977
Lone release by this Chicago/USA based powerpoppers. A very sweet and charming record. I like it ! I haven't found infos about this band.


# 224 Planet Gong - Opium for the people

Side a: Opium for the people
Side b: Poet for sale
UK 1978
This is the result when old hippies make punk rock.... First of two singles by this combo. Read more here about (Planet) Gong. It's not a bad track on side a.


30 Aug 2009

# 223 Supermatix - Bad timing

Side a: 1.T.V, world , 2.Close to home
Side b: 1.What more can she do? , 2.Sex sells , 3.Oh no...
UK 1981
Carlisle/Uk based band ? I don't know. This was released on the Matchbox classic reord label (who bring us The Lims,No support). I haven't found informations about this record.


# 222 Battered Wives - Uganda stomp

Side a: Uganda stomp (Bomp Idi Bomp!)
Side b: Giddy
CAN 1979
Band from Toronto/CAN with their first single. Uganda stomp is also on their first LP and the b side is a non album track. Read more about this group here.


# 221 Johnny Curious & The Strangers - In tune

Side a: 1.In tune , 2.Road to Cheltenham
Side b: 1.Pissheadsville , 2.Jennifer
UK 1978
Superb platter by this Hertfordshire/UK based band. Two good powerpop songs on side a and to great punk stompers on side b. This is their lone record. Johnny Curious released a solo seven inch in 1979. Please read more here and here.


# 220 Pom Poms - Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie

Side a: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie yellow polka dot bikini
Side b: 1. Do ya like it , 2.Do the slam
USA 1983
Quirky new wave band from New York/USA with thier lone release. Funny little record.


9 Aug 2009

# 219 Herod's Race - Something's not right

Side a: Something's not right
Side b: Wind me up!
UK 1980
Superb powerpop from the UK. I think this was released by the band's own label and never had a picture cover. The only information i found, is that the record was recorded at the Spaceward studios in Cambridge.


# 218 The Vipers - I've got you

Side a: I've got you
Side b: No such thing
IRL 1978
Great irish powerpop/punk here on this record. One member later join the very well known "The Blades". Read more here.


19 Jul 2009

# 217 The Affectives - Unrequited love

Side a: 1.Rich bitch 17 , 2.Wipe-Out , 3.You hate me
Side B: 1.Ridiculed , 2.From Bob to Alice (Gloria)
USA 1979/1982
Great lone release by this all-girl trio from New York/USA. A very charming record. I haven't found informations about the band.


# 216 Trash - N-N-ervous

Side a: N-N-ervous
Side b: Page 3 (Dumb blondes)
UK 1978
Second and final output by this Weybridge/UK based band. After this release the band were dropped by Polydor records because of no sucess and short after that they call it a day. Not a bad record.


# 215 The Secret - The young ones

Side a: The Young ones
Side b: Handel a Vandal
UK 1977
Great first release by The Secret from London/UK. Later they changed their sound and played more new wave/powerpop. I'm still in love with this one after all the many moons i own this record.


5 Jul 2009

# 214 The Boss - One good reason

Side a: One good reason
Side b: Wake up children
UK 1985
Fantastic first release by this mod revival/powerpop band. Both songs are heavy influenced by The Chords and The Jam. Great record ! Read more here and meet the band here. The band is still active.


# 213 The Zippers - He's a rebel

Side a: He's a rebel
Side b: You're so strange
USA 1977
Debut single by this Los Angeles based band. Fine '60's inspired powerpop/punk. The band was one of the first LA punk bands. Read more here.


# 212 Chairman Youth - Business partners

Side a: Business partners
Side b: Uncertainty
UK 1981
Okay powerpop/reggae here on this platter. I think this was their lone release. I haven't found informations about this group.

Requested by Dave ( Cheers! )


28 Jun 2009

# 211 Magnets - Who's the fool (me or you?)

Side a: Who's the fool (me or you?)
Side b: The best
Superb mod revival from this London/UK band. This was their lone release. They also played a tour with "Eddie and the Hot Rods" in 1979. The record was released with a band logo stencil.


# 210 Jeff Hill - I want you to dance with me

Side a: I want you to dance with me
Side b: Feel like loving you
UK 1977
Great first release by Jeff Hill. Read everything here. Low Down Kids released a great retrospective of Jeff Hill on LP a few years a go.


# 209 The Outsiders - One to infinty

Side a: 1.One to infinty , 2.New uniform
Side b: 1.Consequences , 2.Freeway
UK 1977
South London based punk band with a lot of influences by "Velvet Underground" or "The Stooges".
Read more here.


# 208 The Jolt - You're a cold

Side a : You're a cold
Side b: All i can do
UK 1977
Superb band from Glasgow/Scotland. This is their first of four singles. They also released an album in 1978. "You're a cold" is still one of my all time favourite. Great ! Read more here.


# 207 Bullets - Girl on page 3

Side a: Girl on page 3
Side b: Grammar school girls
UK 1978
Great punky pubrock from this Birmingham/UK based band. Track "b" is a winner. Read more here.


21 Jun 2009

# 206 Dancing Counterparts - Dancing Counterpart

Side a: Dancing Counterpart
Side aa: Never ending theme
UK 1980
What a found ! Great mod revival/powerpop from (maybe?) Newport Pagnell/UK. Track a makes me shakin' the hole day !! Sadly i haven't found informations about the band. Great !!


# 205 The Scene - Hey girl

Side a: Hey girl
Side b: Reach the top
UK 1980
Lone single by Bradford's/UK The Scene. Perfect mod revival/powerpop. Read more here and here.


# 204 The Ghosts - My town

Side a: My town
Side b: I'm your man
UK 1980
Great mod revival platter! Side a is a strong powerpopper and the b side is a great british R&B stomper in the vain of the early Rolling Stones. I can't find more information about this group.


14 Jun 2009

# 203 The Features - Monday Friday

Side a: Monday Friday
Side b: Cue the next army
UK 1980
Second and last single by The Features. Killer powerpop ! This one is much better than their first single from 1979. Great !


# 202 V/A 8 from '80 - A Carlisle compilation

Side a: 1.THE SPIVS - Maybe it's different , 2.THE PEDESTRIANS - Walk it , 3.MR.BULDER - She knows , 4. NO SUPPORT - Prophetic justice
Side b: 1.VELDT - Bleak , 2.THE TOOLBOX MURDERERS - Alco , 3.KIRTSY AND THE HUSBANDS - Sitting in a disco , 4.THE LIMPS - So nice
UK 1980
Superb local compilation from Carlisle/UK on a 7" ! Great mix from punk to powerpop and postpunk. The well known bands here are The Limps and No Support.