11 Jan 2015

# 443 Stagebeast - Belgium ain't fun no more

Side a: Belgium ain't fun no more
Side b: Working man
BEL 1977
Killer belgian punkrock stomper by this Oostende 6 piece group! This was their sole record release. Some members were later in Revenge 88.
This is a big one! I love it!


# 442 Idiot Dancers - Glances

Side a: Glances
Side b: 1.Up and down , 2.Imagination
UK 1981
This is their lone release. A fine 3 track punk/post-punk record. They had also a fantastic John Peel session at the 14.5.1980 you can find here at the great Noise addiction II blog. Enjoy!


# 441 Spion 13 - Tusen och en natt

Side a: Tusen och en natt
side b: Ă–gon med tarar
SWE 1982
First (of 2) release by this Stockholm 5 piece band who was named after a norwegian comic book. Fine melodic punk with male and female vocals. Read more here.