2 Sept 2012

# 378 Roger C. Reale - Clout

Side a: Holding on tight
Side b: 1.Where thy go , 2.She'll remember me
USA 1981
Killer 3 tracker by Roger C. Reale. Fine follow up of the great "Radioactive" LP by
"Roger C. Reale and Rue Morgue". Read everything here.


# 377 Acetylene - Policemen

Side a: Policemen
Side b: Life addict
BEL 1980
Seraing based reggae and punk hybrid. This was their lone release. I can't found more infos except of this, but don't buy it for this ridiculous price .


# 376 Service - Time release

Side a: Time release
Side b: Don't be sad
USA 1980
Fine powerpop from Royal Oak/Michigan. Time released was comped on "Shake some action Vol.4". i haven't more informations.