18 Jul 2010

# 305 The Scene - I've had enough

Side a: I've had enough
Side b: Show 'em now
UK 1979
Another band with the name "Scene". The group is hard to locate. The record label was from Walsall in the West Midlands maybe the band too? Two great self penned mod revival songs here on this record. I like it !


# 304 Terminal Spectators - Another day

Side a: Another day
Side b: Reach for the sky
UK 1982
Superb powerpop here on this record. No informations found about this combo.


# 303 Jayni & the Limit - It's my party

Side a: It's my party
Side b: Bad news
UK 1980
A good punky remake of the Lesley Gore classic on the a side. The b side is more new wave or so. I can't find informations about Jayni.


# 302 The Photographs - Second best

Side a: Second best
Side b: 1. Seas , 2.Here i go again
UK 1979
A Bristol/UK area based band with their lone and self-released record.Okay songs but complete under-produced (or should i say better, wrong produced?) and flat sounding powerpop. I don't know much more.


11 Jul 2010

# 301 The Thermometers - 20th century girl

Side a: 20th century girl
Side b: 1.New town refugee , 2.Stole your drugs
SCO 1979
A four piece combo from Queensferry/SCO with their lone release on their own "Fokker Records" label. I don't know much more. A cool record.


# 300 Tin Huey - English kids

Side a: English kids
Side b: Sister Rose
USA 1980
"English kids" is my absolute favourite track by this Akron/USA based (Prog)rockers. A killer tune ! Meet the band here.


# 299 Models - Owe you nothing

Side a: Owe you nothing
Side b: Progressive office pools
AUS 1980
Band from Melbourne/AUS with their second single. Side a is a good punky new wave number while the b side is more ska/rocksteady. Read more here.


# 298 Quill - Love in a jar

Side a: Love in a jar
Side b: Time
UK 1980
Decent pop/powerpop with female vocals. This record was released on "Kite Records". I haven¨t found informations about this band.


4 Jul 2010

# 297 Bleeding Hearts - This is the way...O.K.

Side a: This is the way...O.K.
Side b: I need to know
UK 1980
I know nothing about this record. You can help ?
Cool powerpop here on this platter.


Requested by Silvia

# 296 Tanz Der Youth - I'm sorry , I'm sorry

Side a: I'm sorry , I'm sorry
Side b: Delay
UK 1978
Great and lone release by this short lived band with Brain James (of The Damned) and Andy Colqhoun ( of Warsaw Pakt). Read more here.


# 295 The Mods - Step out tonight

Side a: Step out tonight
Side b: You use me
CAN 1978
Lone release by this short lived (Twenty 2 months) Scarborough/Ontario based mod revival combo.
Meet the band here !


# 294 Cubes - Spaceheart

Side a: 1.Spaceheart , 2.Pickup
Side b: 1.On a leach , 2.Changing fractions
USA 1979
Band from Detroit/MI with their first single. They had also released a split record with a band called "Americats". I don't know much more.