1 May 2010

# 280 Panic Squad - Runaway

Side a: Runaway , 2.Back in the working class
Side b: Island , 2.Clockwork Rockwork
USA 1980
Superb glammy powerpop/punk from this New York/USA based band. It was their lone release. I love it !



bristolboy said...

excellent - another to add to the "need" list

Punkzer0 said...

I love it to. Thanks

GraemeSTL said...

This is my favourite out of the latest batch of 4. Great stuff. I see Sing Sing have re-released the TUNNELRUNNERS E.P. Unfortunately I don't have a record player any more. There's only one track from the E.P. I haven't heard before . . . called "AVERAGE". Any chance of posting or e-mailing it to me? I've got a great unreleased Punishment Of Luxury studio track I could trade?

GraemeSTL said...

Oh and the Tunnelrunners also had another release - the 100 mph E.P. - I'm also looking for 'BLUE PETER' and 'I HATE LOVE' from that one.

shreddingradio said...

I've added some new downloads to my site, so check it out


razor said...

Panic Squad:re-up is done