28 Nov 2010

# 315 Killermeters - Why should it happen to me?

Side a: Why should it happen to me?
Side b: Cardiac arrest
UK 1979
First output of this Huddersfield lads was released on the "Psycho" label who brought us the "Incredible Kidda Band" too. Two great mod revival tracks here on this platter.Please read everything here.


# 314 The Extras - She's so happy

Side a: She's so happy
Side b: What would your mother say !
UK 1982
Fine powerpop/pubrock on this platter. I can't locate from where the band was. You have any ideas ?


# 313 Section 8 - Hollywood halloween

Side a: Hollywood halloween
Side b: Can't let go
CAN 1980 (?)
A band from the Ottawa area with their lone (?) release. Great stuff here on this record. I haven't found informations about this group.