19 Jul 2009

# 217 The Affectives - Unrequited love

Side a: 1.Rich bitch 17 , 2.Wipe-Out , 3.You hate me
Side B: 1.Ridiculed , 2.From Bob to Alice (Gloria)
USA 1979/1982
Great lone release by this all-girl trio from New York/USA. A very charming record. I haven't found informations about the band.


# 216 Trash - N-N-ervous

Side a: N-N-ervous
Side b: Page 3 (Dumb blondes)
UK 1978
Second and final output by this Weybridge/UK based band. After this release the band were dropped by Polydor records because of no sucess and short after that they call it a day. Not a bad record.


# 215 The Secret - The young ones

Side a: The Young ones
Side b: Handel a Vandal
UK 1977
Great first release by The Secret from London/UK. Later they changed their sound and played more new wave/powerpop. I'm still in love with this one after all the many moons i own this record.


5 Jul 2009

# 214 The Boss - One good reason

Side a: One good reason
Side b: Wake up children
UK 1985
Fantastic first release by this mod revival/powerpop band. Both songs are heavy influenced by The Chords and The Jam. Great record ! Read more here and meet the band here. The band is still active.


# 213 The Zippers - He's a rebel

Side a: He's a rebel
Side b: You're so strange
USA 1977
Debut single by this Los Angeles based band. Fine '60's inspired powerpop/punk. The band was one of the first LA punk bands. Read more here.


# 212 Chairman Youth - Business partners

Side a: Business partners
Side b: Uncertainty
UK 1981
Okay powerpop/reggae here on this platter. I think this was their lone release. I haven't found informations about this group.

Requested by Dave ( Cheers! )