29 Dec 2009

# 248 The Innocent - Got it in the bag

Side a: 1.Got it in the bag , 2.I'm not going anywhere
Side b: 1. Rough work , 2.Wanna get around
CAN 1980
Great powerpop/punk from this Ontario/CAN based band. I think this was their lone release. I haven't found informations about this group. The band is not listed on the canadian punk bible "Smash the state".


# 247 The Hoax - Blind panic E.P.

Side a: 1.Pig farm , 2.Rich royal
Side b: 1.This is my life , 2.Sick as a dog
UK 1981
Fourth and final record by this Manchester/UK punkers. A great record ! Read everything here and here.


# 245 Mondellos - Let's join

Side a: Let's join
Side b: White riot night
USA 1979
Band from San Francisco/USA with their lone release. Not a bad powerpop/new wave platter from this 5 piece band.