21 Sept 2013

# 408 The Gas - It shows in your face

Side a: It shows in your face
Side b: Tomorrow
UK 1980
First single output on Polydor records by this underrated band from England. Side a is a cracking powerpop/punk number. The b side is more an uninspired reggea number. I post their 4th single on this blog too.


This was requested by Ralf.

8 Sept 2013

# 407 Shith - Tonight she's by my side

Side a: Tonight she's by my side
Side b: Suicide
NL 1980

Fantastic organ driven dutch punk on this 7"! The band was from Spierdijk in the north of Amsterdam. I've got this Info's from YouTube:
Jos Kok: vocals, organ / Peter Dol: guitar / Rob Mulder: drums / Ron de Roo (not on picture?): bass guitar.


# 406 Fay Ray - Family affairs

Side a: Family affairs
Side b: Didn't have to say that
UK 1980

One of my old new wave/post punk favs. The band was from Bangor/Wales and this is their first record on "Surrey Sound Records". In 1982 they released the fine Album "Contact you" on Elektra records and the excellent single "Heatwave".


# 405 Johnny Warman - Golden lions

Side a: Golden lions
Side b: Tomorrow's babies
UK/GER 1979

London born Johnny Warman with his second single as a solo performer.
A very strong b-side track makes this record worth listening. This single was only released in germany on RCA. Read more about Johnny Warman here.