25 Aug 2013

# 404 Pearl - Monica

Side a: Monica
Side b: Let's play house
USA 1980
Great classic american powerpop on this platter like The Beat or The Flashcubes! The band was from Lafayette/CO. I haven't found more informations.


# 403 The Probers - I saw you looking

Side a: I saw you looking
Side b: It's over
USA 1980
Lone release of the Probers. The band was from Providence/RI and was a part of the regular music circuit at that time. The only information is a youtube video with some band pictures to the track on side a. Great record!


# 402 Vince Long & Headlines

Side a: 1.Tune in your head , 2. Circle Game
Side b: 1. High wind , 2. New man
USA 1983
Nice little E.P. by this Redondo Beach/CA based five piece band. It seems to be their sole release. I haven't found more about this record.