23 Oct 2009

# 235 The Wardens - Last like this

Side a: Last like this
Side b: Do so well
UK 1979
Band from Sussex/UK with their lone release. A very good self-released powerpop platter. They also had a track on the compilation "499 2139". Great !


# 234 Attack - Ooa hela natten

Side a: Ooa hela natten
Side b: Kom fram
SWE 1981
Fantastic powerpoppy Glamrock from this swedish group ! The track on the b side is a killer ! This is their second single. I love it !!!!


# 233 Cole Younger and the Koolettes - It'll be alright on the night

Side a: It'll be alright on the night
Side b: Ice cole love
UK 1981
Killer powerpop by Cole and his girls. I don't know how much records he has released. And i can't find informations about this guy. But i'ts great, isn't it ?

Thanks to my alltime best friend who gave me this record as a present !


# 232 Karl Withworth - Names Numbers & Places

Side a: Names Numbers & Places
Side b: Identity
UK 1981
Superb mod revival record. This was his first solo release of two. Karl Withworth is still active as a musician. Meet him here.


# 231 The XL5's - Fireball

Side a: Fireball
Side b: Misirlou
UK 1980
Superb and catchy New Wave here on this platter ! The b-side is an old surf classic. I love this record.


# 230 The Late Show - I like it

Side a: I like it Side b: I wrote a book UK 1978 Great second single by this Medway Towns/UK based group. Both songs are not on their LP "Snap!". Download

6 Oct 2009

# 229 School Ties - No future

Side a: No future
Side b: Screw you
UK 1980
Killer punk by this UK group ! I think this was self released by the band and never had a picture cover. Fantastic !


# 228 Vitamine - Annie Tendresse

Side a: Annie Tendresse
Side b: Pick up
FR 1980
Fantastic french punky powerpop by this two actresses. I like this very much ! Read more here.


# 227 Sussex - Treat me kind

Side a: Treat me kind
Side b: What's the point ?
UK 1979
Superb powerpop here on this platter ! First of two singles by this five piece group. I love it !


# 226 The Cartoons - Lunchtime love affair

Side a: Lunchtime love affair
Side b: Dark alleys
UK 1979
Okay pubrock pop/rock by this London/UK based band. This is their one and only release.