30 Jul 2011

# 340 The Panamas - No use

Side a: No use Side b: Yeah-Yoh BEL 1980/81 ? Killer ! Killer ! Killer ! A fantastic punk tune on the a side while the b side is more a "2 Tone-ish" ska track but also great ! Haven't found informations about this combo. I love this record ! Download

# 339 Generators - Summertime

Side a: Summertime
Side b: Temporarily out of control
USA 1981
A band from Cleveland Heights/Ohio with their lone release. They had also one track on a Cleveland compilation called "Pride of Cleveland". The b side is a killer tune ! The a side is more pop but not bad.


# 338 Enemies - Capitol idea

Side a: Capitol idea
Side b: Political sod
USA 1981
Second output by this Buffalo based band. Two cool short songs with a political background. A fine record !


# 337 Popular Spies - Chinatown

Side a: Chinatown
Side b: Running with the automatics
CAN 1980
Very nice powerpop by this canadian (Toronto?) band. I haven't found informations about this group.