4 Dec 2016

# 488 April South - The Rockelly singles

RKR 10381 Side a: April & The Pennies - Love and inspiration
RKR 10381 Side b: Paddy Boy & The Pennies - You're so different from the rest
IRL 1981

RKR 10780 Side a: April & The Pennies - Light of love
RKR 10780 Side b: The Pennies - Paradise walk
IRL 1980

RKR 10781 Side a: April South & The Pennies - Heroes of the night
RKR 10781 Side b: April South & The Pennies - Come the dawn
IRL 1981

Great singles of April South (her real name is Marian Curry) under different names. All the singles were pressed at the Ellie Jay pressing plant. Every single is a winner !
You can read more here and here.
Enjoy it !


30 Nov 2016

# 487 April South - The chains that bind me

Side a: The chains that bind me
Side b: You want to rock
ENG 1982

Second and final single for the "President" label after April South moved to London. Two very good rocking Powerpop tracks with hints of NWOBHM. I love it !


30 Oct 2016

# 486 April South - Heroes of the night

Side a: Heroes of the night
Side b: The boys are out to get me
IRL 1982
Her first (of two) release for the london based "President" label. The song on side a was also released under the name April South & The Pennies on "Rockelly records" with a different b side (Come the dawn). Great rockin' powerpop by this irish rock lady.  Later releases of April South are real Heavy Metal. You can hear it on the compilation "Green Metal" from 1985. Enjoy this two great tracks !


# 485 Duggie Briggs Band - Flashes on it (again)

Side a: 1. Poison Ivy , 2. The Gambler
Side b: 1. Headin' , 2. 42 hours late
NIRL 1978
Final release on the small, but fine "it" label from Portadown/Northern Irland. The five piece band was also from Portadown and this is their second and also final E.P. befor they disappear into the unknown.
Great piano driven Punk'n'Roll ! Enjoy it !


25 Sept 2016

# 484 Aftermath - For you

Side a: For you
Side b: Mixed up kid
NIR 1980

Cool mod/powerpop by this Belfast based band. This is their lone and self released record. In my opinion the songs are a little bit too long, But nevertheless a good record!


# 483 The Beans - All night radio

Side a: All night radio
Side b: Look at Patti
USA 1979

Debut single by this San Francisco based group. Nice garage punk/postpunk on this platter. They made also a second single called "Surf's up" in the same year.


# 482 Havana Let's go - Torpedoes

Side a: Torpedoes
Side b: Rio

Nice and quirky radio friendly powerpop by this british band, This was their first of two releases. This record was also released as a 12" maxi single.
The summer is over , long live the summer !!


28 Aug 2016

# 481 Adam Roth and his Band of Men - s/t

Side a: 1.Now you're runnin' , 2.Judy won't you dance with me , 3.She said oh! , 4.Cold city , 5.Baseball rock
Side b: 1.Not gonna be easy , 2.Speed it up , 3.All away , 4.I just wanna have some fun , 5.Down the shore

USA 1981

Fantastic Longplayer! Enjoy it!


31 Jul 2016

# 480 The Lynch Mob - Naughty Girl

Side a: Naughty girl
Side b: Pick of the Litter
USA 1981

Fantastic powerpop/rock'n'roll platter by this Wormtown/Mass. based group. Two very strong self penned numbers on this cracking seven inch (it was a sleeveless release). Read about the Wormtown scene (including informations about The Lynch Mob) here.  I love it !!


# 479 The Latest - Red Lips

Side a: Red lips
Side b: Step outta line
USA 1981
Nice, keyboards driven, powerpop/new wave by this 5 piece band from Mount Kisco/NY. It seems, this is their sole release. Enjoy !


26 Jun 2016

#478 The Rhythm Methodists - Don't rely on me

Side a: Don't rely on me
Side b: Cooler relations
UK 1981
Fantastic DIY powerpop by this 5 piece band from Newcastel/UK. Self released on the their own label. 2 self penned, keyboard driven, killer tracks on this record. I love it !
Check it out their performance on Youtube !


# 477 Furry Dice - Rudi , don't take your love to town

Side a: Rudi , don't take your love to town
Side b: K.G.B.
UK 1981
Great reggae/ska/surf single on the "White Line Records" label. It seems that was their lone release. This record was also blogged on the fantastic Tone&Wave blog space. Have fun !!


29 May 2016

# 476 The Loaded Forty Fours - Thunderbirds (are go!)

Side a: Thunderbirds (are go!)
Side b: T.V. Child
UK 1981

Fantastic thundering version of the Thunderbirds theme! The self penned number on the b-side is also great. This is their sole single and it's a great one ! I love it ! And i also loves the Thunderbirds TV series and films !


# 475 Gay Wild - Blue baby blue

Side a: Blue baby blue
Side b: Au revoir
UK 1979

Nice first single (of 3) by welsh singer Gay (Gaynor) Wild. Good radio friendly powerpop/poprock produced by Digby Richards. Enjoy !


30 Apr 2016

# 474 - Lost Property - Persuasion

Side a: Persuasion
Side b: Waste of a nation
UK 1981
The sole (?) record of Lost Property came out on the small but fine "Clubland" records label. A great record with a very good female singer. The a-side is a good poprock number. The song on the b-side is a real punk cracker ! Love it!


# 473 - Hardattack - Sick and tired of my friends

Side a: Sick and tired of my friends
Side b: Me and you
USA 1981
Nice self released 7" by this 5 pieces band with two selfpenned numbers.
The a-side has great punky powerpop groove while the b-side is more an offbeat new wave song. I like it!


27 Mar 2016

# 472 Points - Spy vs. spy

Side a: Spy vs. spy
Side b: Can't go back
USA 1981
Very nice self-released record by this Milwaukee based band. Maybe their lone output. I haven't found more infos. Good punky powerpop. Enjoy it !


# 471 Toast - Computer i love you

Side a: Computer i love you
Side b: Return to myself
BEL 1980
First  7" by this flemish 4 piece band. They exist from 1976 until1992 (?).
Side a is great quirky powerpop/new wave track while b side is more poprock/powerpop. A very nice record! Please read more here.


21 Feb 2016

# 470 The Clicks - Just another monday

Side a: Just another monday
Side b: Breaking up
UK 1983
Superb Mod/Powerpop by this Woking/UK quartet. First blogged on the unbelieveable great "My life's a jigsaw"site. Read more informations there.


# 469 The Water Pistols - Gimme that punk junk

Side a: Gimme that punk junk
Side b: Soft punk
UK 1976
Great novelty punk by this studio only project. But nevertheless worth listening. And only one of a few punk records released in 1976. I love novelty punk records (like the Punkettes and many more) !


25 Jan 2016

# 468 The Times - Love at first sigh

Side a: 1. Tuesday the 12th , 2. So so
Side b: 1. Muzak , 2.New girl
USA 1982
First of two outputs by this Cleveland based band. The songs were written between 1980 and 1982. A very nice mix of new wave (Muzak has a very strong "Gary Numan" influence) and powerpop. Released on Warped records (home of Fragile Eyeon and Asbestos Rockpyle). A very enjoyable Record. I like it!


# 467 Gay Wild - Action Action

 Side a: Action action
Side b: Wild girl
UK 1980
Gay Wild released this sole single on Elton John's "The Rocket Record Company". The hole thing looks like a studio projekt. Side a is a nice "Toyah/Lene Lovich" soundalike new wave track while the b side is more in a "Suzy Quatro" mood. Not a bad record.