18 Sept 2011

# 347 Orbits - Q: What ... Ans: Nothing ...

Side a: 1.Rear view mirror , 2.Brand new beat , 3.Slow motion , 4.Rockette
Side b: 1. 7 Digits , 2.Sensors , 3.Atomic love , 4.It's a surprise
USA 1981
Very fine powerpoppy new wave from this Boston/MA based 5 piece band. This is their lone 12" release. Maybe they had a single out with "Rear view mirror" on it. I like "Atomic love" very much but the other songs are good too. Really a cool record !


# 346 X-Spand-X - Sight

Side a: 1.Sight , 2.Professional girls
Side b: 1.X-Ray spies , 2.Paper lover
USA 1982
Cool new wave-ish (power)poprock with a good female singer. The band were from Austin/TX. I think this is the one and only record they had released. This is really not a bad record.


# 345 This Kids - Let's have fun !

Side a: 1.Knock it off , 2.I need you , 3. Don't bother me
Side b: 1. In such a hurry , 2.Bop till we drop , 3.Not my girl
USA 1983
"This Kids" were from Oceanside/California and i don't know if this was their lone release. We have here 5 okay powerpop tracks and a boring rock'n'roll number. I haven't found infos about this group.