27 Dec 2010

# 319 Blitzkrieg Bop - U.F.O.

Side a: U.F.O.
Side b: Viva Bobby Joe
UK 1978
Second and final single on the famous "Lightning Records" label. Track a is a superb selp-penned punk stomper and the b side is a cool version of an "Equals" number. Love this band and love this record ! Read more here. A great retrospective with 28 tracks was released on "Overground Records" in 1998.


# 318 Gratis - Downtown

Side a: Downtown
Side b: Please call my number
UK 1979
A four piece band from Slough/Hounslow UK with their lone single. The a side is a very good version of the Petula Clark hit and the b side is a superb self penned number. Great !


# 317 Precious Little - Give it to me now

Side a: Give it to me now
Side b: Clean living boy
UK 1980 (?)
Lone release by Precious Little, a follow up of the mighty "The Banned". A fantastic record !
Read more here.


# 316 Suzanne Fellini - Love on the phone

Side a: Love on the phone
Side b: Bad boy
USA 1980
Good radio friendly powerpop/poprock here on this record. Both songs are taken from her lone LP. The single reaches # 87 in the US Billboard charts. Suzanne works now as a teacher. I like this platter !


28 Nov 2010

# 315 Killermeters - Why should it happen to me?

Side a: Why should it happen to me?
Side b: Cardiac arrest
UK 1979
First output of this Huddersfield lads was released on the "Psycho" label who brought us the "Incredible Kidda Band" too. Two great mod revival tracks here on this platter.Please read everything here.


# 314 The Extras - She's so happy

Side a: She's so happy
Side b: What would your mother say !
UK 1982
Fine powerpop/pubrock on this platter. I can't locate from where the band was. You have any ideas ?


# 313 Section 8 - Hollywood halloween

Side a: Hollywood halloween
Side b: Can't let go
CAN 1980 (?)
A band from the Ottawa area with their lone (?) release. Great stuff here on this record. I haven't found informations about this group.


17 Oct 2010

# 312 The Mods - Lost touch

Side a: 1.King And Country , 2.Our Street Numbers , 3.This Is My Night Out , 4.If You Got To Go
Side b: 1.Friend Or Foe , 2.Out Of Sight (Hey Hey Hey) , 3.Wasting My Time , 4.This Is What It's All About
UK 1980
This great record is a little bit misterious and i'm not sure about the song names. I found them in the web. Some rumours say that's the same band with another singer as the band who feature on the "Mods Mayday 79" compilation. You know more ? The music is strong influenced by the mighty "The Jam". Love it !


# 311 Loaded Dice - No sweat

Side a: 1.Keep your dress on , 2.Telephone , 3.Come and take me tonight , 4.Kings Cross ladies , 5.Pass me by , 6.Dooya?
Side b: 1.Robbery , 2.Lights go out at nine , 3.Making me so sad , 4.I'm in the mood , 5.Baby , 6.Mam'Selle
AUS 1979
Famous lone album by this Perth/AUS based group. I own this record many,many years now and i'm still in love with it !

Download no longer possible (see comment)

19 Sept 2010

# 310 Lenny & the Lawbreakers ! - Me and Bobby Magee

Side a: Me and Bobby Magee
Side b: Suzy D
IRL 1979
A good remake of a Kris Kristofferson hit-tune on the a side and a cool self-penned powerpop number on the b side! The band was from the Nothern Irland area and this was their lone release on the famous irish label "Rip Off Records".

The good people of "Sing Sing Records" in New York will release a compilation of "Rip Off Records" in November with all the hits and unreleased stuff. So watch out for this !


# 309 Bob Ugly - Disco Veteran

Side a: Disco Veteran
Side b: I've seen it vomit
UK 1978
Great early punk rock here on this platter ! The record was release on Slime Toads label "Toadstool". I don't know where the band is from in the UK . I haven't found more infos.


29 Aug 2010

# 308 The Signals - Person to person

Side a: 1.Person to person , 2.Surf suicide , 3.Heartbreak
Side b: 1.Clam up , 2.Mary cut her hair , 3.Cold as the rain
USA 1984
Great "Go Go's" alike powerpop! They band was from L.A./California (maybe?). This was a 12" release but the title song was also released as a 7" on a sub-label of Bomp records. I haven't found more informations.


# 307 Phil'n'the Blanks - Multible choice

Side a: 1.(I'm her) Sex toy , 2.Family,Work,Neighborhood,Peace&Freedom , 3.The Ladder , 4.Advertising girl , 5.Void fill , 6.Sex life , 7.Black is not a color (It's a situation)
Side b: 1.Ou est? , 2.Without consummation , 3.Keeping me honest , 4.Inspected by #7 , 5.Push & pull , 6.Vi-sectomy , 7.How it's done
USA 1980
Lone LP bis this Chicago/USA based band. Superb new wave here on this platter. I like it ! Meet the band here.


# 306 Quincy - s/t

Side a: 1.Turn the other way around , 2.Critics' choice , 3.Don't knock on my door , 4.Always in the news , 5.Dime store lies , 6.Can't live in a dream
Side b: 1.Just a tragedy , 2.Stop now , 3.Grow up , 4.Roamin' catholic , 5.Stuck on you , 6.Ordinary
USA 1980
A superb and complete underrated record ! The band was from Haddon Heights/NJ and this is their lone album. After this record they have to change their name because Quincy Jones was not amused with the band name. Read more here.


18 Jul 2010

# 305 The Scene - I've had enough

Side a: I've had enough
Side b: Show 'em now
UK 1979
Another band with the name "Scene". The group is hard to locate. The record label was from Walsall in the West Midlands maybe the band too? Two great self penned mod revival songs here on this record. I like it !


# 304 Terminal Spectators - Another day

Side a: Another day
Side b: Reach for the sky
UK 1982
Superb powerpop here on this record. No informations found about this combo.


# 303 Jayni & the Limit - It's my party

Side a: It's my party
Side b: Bad news
UK 1980
A good punky remake of the Lesley Gore classic on the a side. The b side is more new wave or so. I can't find informations about Jayni.


# 302 The Photographs - Second best

Side a: Second best
Side b: 1. Seas , 2.Here i go again
UK 1979
A Bristol/UK area based band with their lone and self-released record.Okay songs but complete under-produced (or should i say better, wrong produced?) and flat sounding powerpop. I don't know much more.


11 Jul 2010

# 301 The Thermometers - 20th century girl

Side a: 20th century girl
Side b: 1.New town refugee , 2.Stole your drugs
SCO 1979
A four piece combo from Queensferry/SCO with their lone release on their own "Fokker Records" label. I don't know much more. A cool record.


# 300 Tin Huey - English kids

Side a: English kids
Side b: Sister Rose
USA 1980
"English kids" is my absolute favourite track by this Akron/USA based (Prog)rockers. A killer tune ! Meet the band here.


# 299 Models - Owe you nothing

Side a: Owe you nothing
Side b: Progressive office pools
AUS 1980
Band from Melbourne/AUS with their second single. Side a is a good punky new wave number while the b side is more ska/rocksteady. Read more here.


# 298 Quill - Love in a jar

Side a: Love in a jar
Side b: Time
UK 1980
Decent pop/powerpop with female vocals. This record was released on "Kite Records". I haven¨t found informations about this band.


4 Jul 2010

# 297 Bleeding Hearts - This is the way...O.K.

Side a: This is the way...O.K.
Side b: I need to know
UK 1980
I know nothing about this record. You can help ?
Cool powerpop here on this platter.


Requested by Silvia

# 296 Tanz Der Youth - I'm sorry , I'm sorry

Side a: I'm sorry , I'm sorry
Side b: Delay
UK 1978
Great and lone release by this short lived band with Brain James (of The Damned) and Andy Colqhoun ( of Warsaw Pakt). Read more here.


# 295 The Mods - Step out tonight

Side a: Step out tonight
Side b: You use me
CAN 1978
Lone release by this short lived (Twenty 2 months) Scarborough/Ontario based mod revival combo.
Meet the band here !


# 294 Cubes - Spaceheart

Side a: 1.Spaceheart , 2.Pickup
Side b: 1.On a leach , 2.Changing fractions
USA 1979
Band from Detroit/MI with their first single. They had also released a split record with a band called "Americats". I don't know much more.


20 Jun 2010

# 293 The Amatones - Atomic gears in motion

Side a: Atomic gears in motion
Side b: Plastic surgeon
USA 1983
Aaargh! What a great record ! Lone release by this Amarillo or Fort Worth/Texas five piece combo. I haven't found more informations.


# 292 The Enemy - Bang bang you're dead

Side a: Bang bang you're dead
Side b: Trendy violence
USA 1979
Killer second 7" single by this Seattle based band. Both tracks are fantastic !


# 291 Mundanes - Make it the same

Side a: Make it the same
Side b: 1.Funnier than love , 2.Empty boulevards
USA 1980
Band from Rhode Island featuring John Linnel of " They Might be giants". Fine New Wave/Powerpop here on this record. Read more here.


# 290 The Spot - The only time

Side a: The only time
Side b: Balance of power
NED 1982
Lone (?) single by this dutch band on the english "Clubland Records" (who bring us The Dunneau) label. I don't know much more.


13 Jun 2010

# 289 The Taxis - No more shit for the kids

Side a: No more shit for the kids
Side b: Breakdown
NEL/(ITA?) 1978
The record came out on Polydor in the Nederlands. But it was maybe an italien band. Do you know much more ? Side a is killer basic punk stomper. The b side is more hardrock. A fine record.


# 288 The Praetors - Pink

Side a: Pink
Side b: Across the corner
BEL 1980
First or second single by this belgium outfit. Side a is a good powerpop stomper while the b side is more lame white reggae. I haven't found more infos.


# 287 The Poodle Boys - What can i do?

Side a: What can i do?
Side b: Aspalt world/On the Fritz
USA 1980
Lone release by this New Haven/CT based band. I don't know much more. Meet the band here.


# 286 Dance Set - Melody

Side a: Melody smiles
Side b: Waiting
AUS 1981
Australia band "Little Murders" in disguise.Thier lone single under this name. Read more here. Great !


16 May 2010

# 285 Young Love - Doing it the english way !

Side a: Doing it the english way !
Side b: Easy to do it to
UK 1980
I don't know anything about this band. I bought this record many,many moons ago in a small record shop in London for a pound because the cover looks interesting. But the sound is surprisingly good Powerpop/Pubrock and i'm still in love with this platter.


# 284 Too Much - Kick me one more time

Side a: 1.Be mine , 2.Kick me one more time
Side b: It's only me
UK 1979
Second and final single by this North London/UK based group. It was released on the "Lightning Records" label, like their first 7", with a gatefold cover sleeve.. Great record.


# 283 Bunk Dogger - With one bound he was free

Side a: With one bound he was free
Side b: 1.Mobile home , 2.Send in the clones
UK 1979
4th single (of 9) by Bunk Dogger (a.k.a. Tim Phillips), This one was backed by "The Mechanics". Superb piece of New Wave and Powerpop. I love the track "Send in the clones" !


# 282 Eric Blake - Born to be special

Side a: Born to be special
Side b: 1.80's girl , 2.Give generously
UK 1981
This was released on the Carrere Records label with a gatefold sleeve. The track on side a sounds extremly like "The Beat" and the other two songs are more powerpop. I haven't found informations about this band. It's maybe their second single.


# 281 Walkie Talkies - Rich and nasty

Side a: Rich and nasty
Side b: Summer in Russia
UK 1979
Lone single by this Mersey area based band. The band features Wayne Hussey who was later in "The Mission" and "The Sisters of Mercy" and many more. A fine piece of wax.


1 May 2010

# 280 Panic Squad - Runaway

Side a: Runaway , 2.Back in the working class
Side b: Island , 2.Clockwork Rockwork
USA 1980
Superb glammy powerpop/punk from this New York/USA based band. It was their lone release. I love it !


# 279 Wreck'nCrew - Give 'em a fight

Side a: Give 'em a fight
Side b: Radioactive love
USA 1980
Heavy "Johnny Thunders + The Heartbreakers" influenced punkrock from Cortland/NY. Especially the track on side b. One of the band members was later in "The Effigies". Killer stuff !


# 278 Born Ready - Bad boys

Side a: 1.Everything , 2.Heart collector , 3.Bad boys
Side b: 1.I got money , 2.Tough guy , 3.Serious
USA 1980
A band from Napa/California with their lone (?) release. Another fine piece of end 70's , early 80's american powerpop. I haven't found infos about the group.


# 277 Blades - Bounce music

Side a: 1.Please say yes , 2.Hang around here , 3.Vera
Side b: 1.Fads , Time won't let me , 3.Karolyn , 4.Beef bowl
USA 1981
A good mix of R'n'R/Powerpop and Ska on this record. The band was (maybe?) from Los Angeles. Not a bad platter.


18 Apr 2010

# 276 Quality Drivel - Subliminal cuts E.P.

Side a: 1.Stagnant minds , 2.Sale of the century
Side b: 1.Rituals , 2.Subliminal cuts
UK 1981
Killer release by this Oxfordshire/UK based band ! Every track's a winner. Read more here.

Download (No longer possible,please see the comment)

# 275 The Motive - Kimberly you're boring

Side a: Kimberly you're boring
Side b: Bus to bus
USA 1979
Very good powerpop on this 7" single. I haven't found infos about this group. They were maybe from California. The record was recorded in Hollywood/L.A.


# 274 The Secret - Another Heartline

Side a: Another Heartline
Side b: Weather station
UK 1979
5th single by this London/UK band. "Another Heartline" is a good Synthesizer driven new wave number. The b side track is a cracking, punky fast forward new wave track not unlike the "XTC". A real winner !


4 Apr 2010

# 273 Rotjoch - Bad boy

Side a: 1.Too many weirdos , 2.Another lonely night , 3.No expectations , 4.Shame on me , 5.Ghostride , 6.Danger in the city
Side b: 1.Bad boy , 2.Where is justice , 3.Accident , 4.San Salvador , 5.Losers and thieves , 6.Hungry loving , 7.So unreal , 8.Tomorrow
NL 1981
Superb lone LP by this Hilversum/NL based band. A masterpiece of dutch powerpop ! Meet the band here.


# 272 F.V.'s - Mr. Tambourine man

Side a: Mr. Tambourine man
Side b: Credit
UK 1981
Cool punky new wave version of this old Bob Dylan classic. The b side is a good, fast selfpenned new wave number. I haven't found informations about this group.


# 271 3-D - Telephone number

Side a: Telephone number
Side b: Here today , gone tomorrow
UK 1980
Heavy "Elvis Costello" influenced powerpop here on this platter. Both tracks are taken from their first (of two) selftitled album. I don't know much more.


28 Mar 2010

# 270 Tiger Tails - Words without conviction E.P.

Side a: Words without conviction
Side b: 1. Norman , 2.Fashion fool
UK 1980
Killer lone (?) release by this Burnley/UK based band. This superb record was released on the "Snotty snail" label who was running by the "Not Sensibles". You know anything more ?