13 Jun 2011

# 336 Zorro - Arrods don't sell'em

Side a: 1. Arrods don't sell'em , 2. Soldier boy
Side b: Starfight
UK 1979
Superb glam/punk/NWOBHM by this Norwich/UK based band with their sole release. The best "Bridge House Records" platter ever released i think. Love it !



bristolboy said...

It's a good 45 but surely the "Mods Mayday 79" LP has to be the best release on Bridgehouse, with the tickets "I'll be your pin up" close behind. Ah we all have our favourites I guess!

John Moran said...

I think that is better.

Oral health

razor said...

Zorr: re-up is done

meanie said...

Brilliant 👏