8 Dec 2013

# 414 The Haemorrhoids - How can i love you

Side a: 1. How can i love you , 2. Hazel
Side b: 1. No more problems , 2. Celibate
UK 1981

First of 3 records (1 E.P. and 2 Lp's) by this trio they've made between 1981 and 1985. A nice piece of punky powerpop and alternative rock on this platter. My fav is "Hazel". I haven't found more infos.


# 413 Jolie - Car mechanic

Side a: Car mechanic
Side b: Bright lights
USA 1983
Nice little record by this N.Y. City chanteuse Jolie. Two selfpenned and charming DIY (Post)punk powerpop tracks. Track "a"was produced by Tommy Ramone (Erdelyl).


17 Nov 2013

# 412 The Upstarts - Live each day

Side a: Live each day
Side b: American boys
USA 1982

Boston/MA based 4 pieces band with their debut record. In 1983 they released a  6 track mini Album called "Bobbin in the 80's" with the only remaining member Ted Richards and as a trio. Nice 60's oriented powerpop here on this record.


# 411 Living Intents - (All the) Nice boys

Side a: (All the) Nice boys
Side b: 1. Genine , 2. Said it's so
UK 1981

A very nice slab of vinyl. I completely overlooked this record in my collection. 3 well written and played songs with some "The Police" like guitar work. A fine one! I haven't found more informations.


27 Oct 2013

# 410 Lucy - Frustration

Side a: Frustration
Side b: Tomorrow's stars
USA 1980

Very cool record by this New York 6 piece band/project (?). Maybe their lone record. The track on side b has a nice surf sound guitar on it. I like this platter very much. I haven't found more informations.


# 409 Revenge 88 - Alone

Side a: Alone
Side b: Neonlight
BEL 1981
One of these fantastic early punk records from Belgium! This is the first (of two) releases by this Oostende based group. You can meet the band here (hear some unreleased tracks) and here. Meet one of the members here.


21 Sept 2013

# 408 The Gas - It shows in your face

Side a: It shows in your face
Side b: Tomorrow
UK 1980
First single output on Polydor records by this underrated band from England. Side a is a cracking powerpop/punk number. The b side is more an uninspired reggea number. I post their 4th single on this blog too.


This was requested by Ralf.

8 Sept 2013

# 407 Shith - Tonight she's by my side

Side a: Tonight she's by my side
Side b: Suicide
NL 1980

Fantastic organ driven dutch punk on this 7"! The band was from Spierdijk in the north of Amsterdam. I've got this Info's from YouTube:
Jos Kok: vocals, organ / Peter Dol: guitar / Rob Mulder: drums / Ron de Roo (not on picture?): bass guitar.


# 406 Fay Ray - Family affairs

Side a: Family affairs
Side b: Didn't have to say that
UK 1980

One of my old new wave/post punk favs. The band was from Bangor/Wales and this is their first record on "Surrey Sound Records". In 1982 they released the fine Album "Contact you" on Elektra records and the excellent single "Heatwave".


# 405 Johnny Warman - Golden lions

Side a: Golden lions
Side b: Tomorrow's babies
UK/GER 1979

London born Johnny Warman with his second single as a solo performer.
A very strong b-side track makes this record worth listening. This single was only released in germany on RCA. Read more about Johnny Warman here.


25 Aug 2013

# 404 Pearl - Monica

Side a: Monica
Side b: Let's play house
USA 1980
Great classic american powerpop on this platter like The Beat or The Flashcubes! The band was from Lafayette/CO. I haven't found more informations.


# 403 The Probers - I saw you looking

Side a: I saw you looking
Side b: It's over
USA 1980
Lone release of the Probers. The band was from Providence/RI and was a part of the regular music circuit at that time. The only information is a youtube video with some band pictures to the track on side a. Great record!


# 402 Vince Long & Headlines

Side a: 1.Tune in your head , 2. Circle Game
Side b: 1. High wind , 2. New man
USA 1983
Nice little E.P. by this Redondo Beach/CA based five piece band. It seems to be their sole release. I haven't found more about this record.


21 Jul 2013

# 401 Cardiac Arrest - Running in the streets

Side a: Running in the streets
Side b: T.V. friends
UK 1979
Fantastic self released and lone platter by this Lancaster based group. Also recorded at the Cargo studios in Rochdale like so many other bands in that time.
This is really a fine one!


# 400 Public Enemy - Possession

Side a: Possession
Side b: Somebody new is ok
USA 1979
Fine rocking powerpop on this record.
Found this informmation in the web: Chicago based powerPop combo led by the guitarist/songwriter/producer Mark Durante (ex- RAZER) and former members of STONED HINGE from Edgerton (WI), Paul Accurso (bass) and Wayne Skau (vocals), with sole release. Durante continued in ALIENS, NEXT BIG THING, SLAMMIN' WATUSIS, REVOLTING COCKS, KMFDM, EXCESSIVE FORCE and the country'n'western band WACO BROTHERS with whom he released 8 albums.


# 399 Iron Suite - My only girl

Side a: My only girl
Side b: If she'll love me
USA 1982
Nice powerpop platter by this four piece band.The group was maybe from St.Louis/MO. I think this was their lone release.


23 Jun 2013

# 398 The Critics - Town girl

Side a: Town girl
Side b: 1. Plastic valentine , 2. Without you
UK 1981
Great Powerpop/Mod Revival 3 tracker by this five piece band. The title song sounds a littlebit like a "Dexys Midnight Runners" number but two times faster. Recorded at the famous Cargo Studios in Rochdale. I haven't found more informations.


# 397 Victim Eyes - It's alright

Side a: 1. It's alright , 2. Hate you with passion
Side b: 1. Ray Davies , 2. Follow your heart
USA 1980
Band from Detroit/Michigan with their sole release. Very good punky rock, mixed with powerpop here on this record. Recorded in Ann Arbor at A-Square Studio's.


2 Jun 2013

# 396 The Onits - Weekend wrestler

Side a: Weekend wrestler
Side b: Gamma rays
CAN 1980
A band from Cambridge/Ontario with their lone record. Read more here. The record was also posted on the great Shotgun Solution blog. I love this record !


# 395 The Illustrators - Prove my manhood

Side a: Prove my manhood
Side b: You gave me a diamond
USA 1980
Nice little gemm here. A male/female fronted band with their sole (?) release. I haven't found informations. It was released on Panik records and the writer of the songs was Maurice Method. I prefer the punky powerpop track on the b side.


7 Apr 2013

# 394 Lords - Thinkin' bout a girl

Side a: Thinkin' bout a girl
Side b: I love New York
Great garage punkrock by this New York city group!  I only found  a youtube video with some pictures of them.


# 393 The Kelvins - Dance Dance Dance

Side a: Dance Dance dance
Side b: Look but don't touch
USA 1981
Nice little gem outta New York City ! Especially the b-side is a real cracker. Love this record! I can't find informations about this band.


3 Mar 2013

# 392 V/A - Belfast

Side a: 1. STAGE B - Recall to life , 2.STRIKE - Radio songs , 3.EX-PRODUCERS - The system is here , 4.EZY MEAT - Sexy lady , 5.REFLEX ACTION - Spies
Side b: 1.STRIKE - Running past , 2.REFLEX ACTION - Recession , 3.STAGE B - Light on the Hillside , 4.EZY MEAT - Soho escapade , 5.EX-PRODUCERS - Behind the door
N.IRL 1980
This is one of these great local compilations from the end of the seventies/beginning of the eighties with a mix of Powerpop/Postpunk/Rock/New wave/Punk like "the Bristol Recorder" or "Avon Calling" , "First Offenders" to name a few. The winners here on this platter are the Strike numbers ( with the female singer Lesley Whitten).
If you like more info about the bands go to this site: Irish Rock. The songs by the Ex-Producers are also on the fantastic CD compilation "Shellshock rockers" who was released 2012 by Spit Records.


25 Feb 2013

# 391 The Parts - Look at the girls

Side a: Look at the girls
Side b: So in love
USA 1981
Great New Jersey powerpop! The songs are a bit too long but worth listening. The record was released on Future Productions from Bricktown N.J. I haven't found informations about this group.


# 390 X-Iles - Dreamin'-No!

Side a: Dreamin'-No!
Side b: Indecision
USA 1980
This record is a little bit a mistery. The only information that i found is, that Dave “ Coco ” Chavez of Code of Honor was playing on this record. Cool record !