14 Dec 2014

# 440 Smart Alec - Scooter boys

Side a: Scooter boys
Side b: Soho
UK 1980
This is the second single by this studio only band. See for more Information and the first single here. Like many bands who tried to jump up on the "punk bandwagon" in 1977, they tried to jump up on the "Mod revival" bandwagon in 1979/1980. But i like both records of Smart Alec.
This record came out on the same label (B&C Records) as Pete Newnham's great record "Rudi" and Horrorcomic's "Jesus Crisis".


# 439 The Degrads - I saw Bobbie sobbing in the lobby

Side a: I saw Bobbie sobbing in the lobby
Side b: Frontal lobotomy
USA 1983
Great single by this Rochester/New York 5 piece band. Great teenage powerpop with a punky edge. Meet the band here.


# 438 Silverstone - So what

Side a: So what
Side b: O.K.
NED 1977
Nice protopunk/glam/R'N'Roll on this record by this Arnhem/ Nederlands based 4 piece group. They were active from 1977 to 1979. This is their only release. This is one of the earliest Punk releases from Holland. Please read more here.


9 Nov 2014

# 437 Red Tape - Can't have you

Side a: 1.Can't have you , 2.On the telephone
Side b: 1.Businessman , 2.T.V. heaven
USA 1981
Great E.P. by this Texas (Friendswood?) based band. 4 self penned quirky/punky new wave tracks here on this record. Maybe their lone (sleeveless?) release? I don't know, i haven't found more infos. Enjoy it!


# 436 The Staff - Goody Goody bye bye

Side a: Goody Goody bye bye
Side b: 1.City business , 2.T.V. fan
FRA 1980
Fantastic first single by this female fronted french trio. All 3 tracks are real crackers. All songs are also on their lone LP "Out of bounds".
Love it!!
"Goody goody bye bye" was covered by the band "Sex Crime" (with Ex-Epoxies/No-Talents members) in 2013.


# 435 The Indicators - No age for love

Side a: No age for love
Sibe b: To work it out
BEL 1983
Nice pop/powerpop record by this belgian band. It looks like this was their sole release.


13 Oct 2014

# 434 Dizzy and the Romilars - Daily Dose

Side a: 1.She's got ???? , 2.The stir , 3.Foreign correspondent
Side b: 1.Night crawlers , 2.China , 3.Push button drive
USA 1982
Killer punky New wave from this female fronted New York City quartet. This 6 track mini album was their second and final output. The singer Ramona Lee Jan was also in the "Comateens".
Love this platter!!


# 433 Dirty Work - s/t

Side a: Never give an inch
Side b: The lady likes cocaine
USA 1979
Great first single by this Greenbelt (Maryland) band. Side a is a fantastic punker while the b side is a great pubrock song. See for the second output here.


21 Sept 2014

# 432 Terry Tranz N' The Vestites - s/t

Side a: We've had it here
Side b: State hand out
UK 1981
Great sole release by this Middlesbrough four piece group. Two self-penned songs that remind me a bit of "Johnny Moped".
You can find some informations about Teesside bands here


# 431 The Sets - s/t

Side a: Love ain't what it used to be
Side b: Life on an L.1
AUS 1981
Sidney based mod band with their lone vinyl release. They released a CD out in 2011 for their comeback on stage. Meet the band here.


17 Aug 2014

# 430 Motivo - They

Side a: They
Side b: Bad guys
BEL 1980
Lone release by this belgian band. Very nice female fronted powerpop/poprock on this record. My favorite is the track on the b side of this platter. I haven't found informations about this group.


# 429 The Cartoons - City boy gone insane

Side a: City boy gone insane
Side b: Love in Texas
USA 1980
Very nice powerpop record from Texas. This is their lone (?) release on the singer's/songwriter's own label.


20 Jul 2014

# 428 The Quads - Gotta getta job

Side a: Gotta getta job
Side b: Gang of kids
UK 1981
Superb 4th single by this Birmingham based band. they are very well known for the "There Must Be Thousands" single , a favourite by John Peel. Please read ore here. I love this record!


# 427 V/A - Split: Joe 9T + the Thunderbirds / They must be Russians

Side a: Joe 9T + Thunderbirds - Joe 9T theme
Side b: They must be Russians - Psycho analysis
UK 1979
Obscure split single by a scotish duo on the first side of the record and on second side we have a Berkshire based 4 piece group.
Great little record!
Read more here.


22 Jun 2014

# 426 The Slivers - Does it matter

Side a: 1.Black hole , 2.Look at me
Side b: 1. Does it matter , 2.People
CAN 1981
Lone 4 track single by this VictoriaB.C. based trio with some very nice self penned Powerpop/Indiepop songs. I like it!


# 425 ├śresus - Mannen i badekaret

Side a: Mannen i badekaret
Side b: Tyven , tyven
NOR 1982
Cool second single by this Skien based four pieces. Great piece of norwegian punk rock. They released a LP in 1983 and there was a release some of the best tracks on CD in 2003.


18 May 2014

# 424 The Regulators - Westcliff girls

Side a: 1. Westcliff girls , 2.Short and curlies
Side b: 1.Telephone ringing , 2.Officers & Gentlemen
UK 1980
A fine 4 track E.P. by this Southend-on-Sea based five pieces band. Four nice and self written powerpop tracks with some hints of "The Ruts"-like reggae. I like it very much!


# 423 The Frenchmen - Small Town boy

Side a: Small Town boy
Side b: 1.Now maybe , 2.Dirty dishes wicked wishes
USA 1980
Second and last record by this Erie/PA band. 3 nice self penned (power)pop tracks. You can hear the first single of this group on the famous Shotgun Solution blog. I can't find more informations about this band. No printings or infos on the back cover.


26 Apr 2014

# 422 The Accused - Time out

Side a: 1.Time out , 2. The victim
Side b: 1. Urban suburban , 2. Bad driver
USA 1980
Baltimore/MD based group with their lone output. We have here on this platter four well written and played powerpop songs. I like it!


# 421 Trader - I gotta get out

Side a: I gotta get out
Side b: Tomorrow
NED 1981
Cool rockin' powerpop from this Utrecht/Amsterdam based band. You can view some videos on youtube by this group.


16 Mar 2014

# 420 Digits - s/t

Side a: Dig a hole
Side b: 1. When i get the money , 2. Winubee
USA 1980
Lone (?) and self released record by this Huntington Beach/CA based group. On the a side we have a charming indiepop number while the b side is filled with two good punk numbers.  I like this platter! I haven't found more informations.


# 419 Revenge 88 - Thousend years from you

Side a: Thousend years from you
Side b: Unwanted son
BEL 1982

Second single by this Oostende band. Cool midtempo punkrock on this single. See more at my further post of the first single.


9 Feb 2014

# 418 Screamin' Rachael and Remote - Insult to injury

Side a: Insult to injury
Side b: Bad influence
USA 1980
Great little piece of wax by this Chicago based band. This is their lone single. Cool punky new wave on this record. Rachael Cain is still in the music business and was a pioneer of "House Music". She is named "Queen of house music".